Egg Dosa or Savory Egg Pancake

Egg Dosa or Savory Egg Pancake

Dosa is my favourite breakfast and why not as I was born in Dosa land. Idly has always lagged behind as it is plump to catch up. The variety of dosas that we get today is mindboggling from dosa pizza to chilli chicken stuffed dosa it has become a universal dish. I grew up mainly on plain dosa or at the most masala dosa which I do not relish much. Making dosas now is no great deed on the non-stick griddles but when my mom made them on the iron tawa or griddle that was indeed a big deal. Mom used to grind the dal and rice and whenever we asked for dosa we got a Minnappuattu as it was called.

I decided to make an egg dosa just to see the pretty play of colours on my breakfast plate. I love colourful food; mind you it is all natural. A sprinkling of chopped pink onion, tomatoes, a circle of green coriander with the egg in the centre.What a lovely plate to savour and relish.

Recipe for Egg Dosa or Savory Egg Pancake


Preparing the Dosa Batter:

1 cup whole or skinned urad dal or black lentil

2 cups parboiled rice

1 tsp methi or fenugreek seeds

2 tbsp chana dal or split Bengal gram

Salt as desired

1 tsp cumin

Preparing the Dosa Batter:

Rinse the rice and urad dal separately first.

Wash the dals thoroughly a few times and soak in enough water for 4 hours.

Soak the rice, chana dal and methi in a bowl or pan.

Grind the urad dal to a fine and fluffy batter in the mixer.

Drain the water completely from the rice, add a little water and grind to a paste.

Blend until smooth and frothy.  But do not make it runny as it should be a thick batter. Mix both the batters, preferably with the hand as that packs in more air and makes for softer and fluffier dosas. Transfer to a large vessel as the batter will rise overnight. I usually grind more batter, and I use 2 pots to ferment and refrigerate. I divide the batter to 2 pots as it stays good in the refrigerator for few more days.

The batter is allowed to ferment overnight and then the batter is mixed with water to get the desired thickness. Now you can add salt and cumin.

For the topping

1 egg

1 chopped onion

1 chopped tomato

1 sprig chopped coriander

1 green chilli chopped(optional)


Dilute the batter by adding a little water as needed to make it of a pourable and spreading consistency. Sprinkle few drops of water on the griddle to check if it is ready. It begins to sizzle.

Dosa Tawa

Check if the pan is hot enough by sprinkling a little water on the griddle then pour a ladle full of batter in the centre of the pan. Spread the batter out Spread it evenly in a circular way with the base of a ladle to make a thick pancake. Drizzle a little oil or ghee (clarified butter) on the edges and see the dosa change colour from white to golden. I usually do not add oil for myself. But if you are not counting your calories and looking for amazing taste then add ghee liberally and you will get a heavenly dosa.

Now sprinkle the chopped onion around the edge followed by the tomato. Take an egg and break it in the centre. Sprinkle a little salt on the egg if you want to. Let it cook on simmer and in the meantime garnish with fresh coriander leaves. If you like your fried egg then you can serve the Dosa as it is but if you like a double fried egg then flip the dosa and cook it on the other side as well.

When the Egg Dosa or Savory Egg Pancake turns golden or brown add a dollop of butter it melts on the hot dosa and spreads all over it and the taste is sinfully scrumptious.

Serve the piping hot Egg Dosa or Savory Egg Pancake with chutney (Recipe of chutney is here Coconut Chutney) or sambar. My egg dosa is very yummy and as good as or better than any restaurant. Do try it out if you would like to have an authentic or restaurant style Dosa.


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