Tambola Theme Games


I bring you some interesting Tambola Theme Games today. Kitty parties are nothing but informal social groups of ladies and they are criticised for crazy reasons like being gossip sessions or wild card and drink sessions. In the metros and in the elite society there may be stray groups that gossip, play cards at huge stakes while guzzling drinks and puffing away their husband’s money. These kitty parties are get-togethers where the women are flaunting their Gucci, Prada, Dior or Versace, showcasing their money and power. But when you go into smaller cities and towns in India, most of these are hardworking women from middle-class families who finish their household chores and head to one party destination and get a respite from their daily routine.

Being from a small town myself, I started a kitty party at the age of 20 with likeminded friends. At that time we used to exchange recipes, info about parenting and household management with a few games of Tambola thrown in. Now that the kids have flown the nest we all have ample time on our hands and we have great fun with innovative games that challenge our grey cells, we go out for picnics and short and long trips together.

Why cannot kitties be seen as an informal way of saving money? I spend my hard-earned money and cannot afford to throw away any. I attend two kitty parties, one in which we collect money, have fun and gorge on food; a group of 24 women who have almost aged together. The other is a full-on fun kitty where we collect INR600 from each and meet at one particular restaurant every month and we are 60 ladies in this group! Yes, you heard right it is 6 0, 60! The money collected is for a buffet lunch as well as for the games conducted. Most of us play group games and all of us take home some money at the end of the day.

The basic game is the Tambola and Housie but you would be surprised how we have modified the game according to festivals, seasons or any special occasion. Henceforth I will be sharing all the games that we play every month so that all of you can get more ideas to play this interesting game. We have formed 12 groups of 5 ladies each who are the hosts every month and they are given a budget to target their games on that amount. Every month a flavour of the season or a festival is taken as the theme and games are centred on that.

Mango Panna Raw Mango
Aam and Aam Panna

Today the theme was summer and we have real steamy summers out here and summers are known for the mangoes here. The décor; scented jasmine flowers, the games, the food and drink were all focused on the theme of summer and mangoes. We were greeted with garlands of fresh Jasmine flowers with their heady aroma. Groups were divided into eight each with their own exotic names; named on mangoes and sugarcane. Hats of to the five hosts who took such pains to customize and make the handmade tickets so colourful and pretty.

Game 1 Flower Combo

The first game had a ticket pasted on a coloured chart paper with a flower taped to it. There were 4 different colours and 4 different flowers.

 Jaldi 5 claim was with two colours and two flowers of the same finishing first.

After that, there were different combos of the flowers and 5 numbers cut in each ticket paired. For eg. One jasmine and One lily finished 5 numbers each and they could claim a prize.

2 House claims; with two people finishing together.

Tambola theme games

Game 2 Ice Ice Baby

Next game was again about colours and combos with pairs finishing to claim.

Kitty Party Game

Game 3 …I Spy was a one minute game where you had to count each item and number it. Fastest group to give the correct count wins.

Summer Tambola

Game 4 Blue Lagoon

Claims were for 2 persons finishing Jaldi 5 and then speed Tambola where a pair has to finish the house for a claim and there were 6 housies.

Tambola Theme Game

Game 5 Amaravati Express

Trains are for summer vacations and we boarded the Amaravati express and travelled to Ooty, Munnar and Araku.

Claims for a pair finishing each city coach and then combos. Housie claims were again by a pair and 3 housies.

Did you like these Tambola Games? Be ready for more!

PS: If you do not understand any game please feel free to ask.

Tambola Theme Games

Few games I am adding today just for an idea

Woman's day Tambola

Women’s Day Tambola..1 5 lines I am a doctor

2. Combos

3. Houses

Jewellery Tambola

Jewellery Tambola- All women love jewellery and will play this with much interest.

  1. Lines are every piece of jewellery
  2. Combos
  3. Houses

Spa Tambola

Spa Tambola – Spa is in demand.

1. Lines are the different faces

2 Combos are with I love spa day


Guess the animals in the elephant....

Guess the animals Game


  1. Snake
  2. Lemur
  3. Snail
  4. Bee
  5. Garden Lizard
  6. Deer
  7. Bird
  8. Owl
  9. Fish
  10. Tortoise
  11. Chameleon
  12. Mongoose
  13. Frog


Theme Tambola

The EOSS is here and why not a Sale Tambola on it….

1. Lines are Flip Flops, Dress, Purse, Makeup

2. Combos of any or all- Dress-Purse, Makeup-Flip Flops, etc

3. Housies with full ticket

Spa Tambola

Spa Tambola

Ladies go for a spa session together these days and Spa tombola to banta hai 🙂

1.5 lines…I had a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, I love jacuzzi. You have to say I had a massage not just yes its over.

2. Is for combos. Any number you like…Massage+manicure and so on.

Valentine Days Theme Tambola

Valentine's Day Tambola

A simple love tambola game depicted with red lips and a heart. Look at the effort in making the tickets.

  1. Three lines are the lips and heart.
  2. Then you have the combos of heart and upper and lower lips, lips and lips,.
  3. Finally, you have the  Valentines’s day housie with altogether; heart and lips.


Valentine's Day Tambola

You can hand out the red pens for playing Tambola and as a keepsake gift. Draw a heart and add 15 numbers for a rapid tambola. You can have first five housies and you can add jaldi five too.

Valentine Tambolatam

Another game for Valentines is this pretty heart-shaped ticket which opens into a bright coloured flower with different coloured petals with numbers. The dividends could be each petal as a ling and combos and of course housies.

1.6 petals..each is a line

2.Combos of 2 colors like red and orange or violet and blue

3. Two housies.

For more theme games check here

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  1. Kalapana says:

    That’s a unique and super way to play tambola 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Hats off to the ladies for being so inventive 😊 wish you many more fun summer kitty parties👍🏼


    1. Thanks Kalpana for appreciating…this is every month. And when we host in July or August it would be monsoon theme I guess 🙂


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