Celebrating the Diva, Sridevi -Theme Tambola

Celebrating Sridevi the Woman

It was a black Sunday on February, 25th 2018, when the charismatic and mesmerizing diva of Indian Cinema, Sridevi died an early and shocking death. It left crores of distraught fans in spasms of sorrow. But our ladies group decided to celebrate her memory in happiness rather than melancholy and thus we had, Celebrating the Diva, Sridevi -Theme Tambola.

We put up posters of Sridevi from various movies as props and it felt as if she was looking down on us with her charming smile. We had a few games and lunch and then dispersed.

Celebrating Sridevi the WomanCelebrating Sridevi the Woman

We are a big group and were divided into six groups. We had to pick up a chit and sit at the table with the name of the slip on the placard.

The first Tambola game had Sridevi’s picture on the left and Anil Kapoor, Chiranjeevi and Kamalahasan on the other. 5 numbers were written around Sri and 3 each beside the male actors. Each male actor was considered as a line as well as Sri.Then there were combos with Sridevi with the male actors. Finally 2 full houses!

Celebrating Sridevi the Woman

The second Tambola had pictures of Sri on the ticket and names of her movies on them so this was a movie Tambola not played with numbers. First, prepare a list of 90 movie names and jumble them on the tickets. Then call out each movie name just like Tambola/ Housie. You can have lines, Jaldi five, houses or anything of your choice.

Celebrating Sridevi the Woman

The third game had the picture of Sridevi and two tickets stuck on it with adhesive. The two tickets are considered as one so the first and second line is Line 1 and so on and so forth. House was both tickets finishing together.

Celebrating Sridevi the Woman

In the fourth game, we were given blank pages. Audio clips of 20 Sridevi’s songs were played. We were asked to note down the names of the movie, from which the songs were listed. We are a good number of South and North Indians and hence Telugu songs were also included.

Celebrating Sridevi the Woman

Celebrating the Diva, Sridevi -Theme Tambola ended with a sumptuous meal and a few of Sri’s diehard fans took away the posters as pinups.Long live Sridevi as the quintessential prima donna of Indian cinema.

Celebrating the Diva, Sridevi -Theme Tambola

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