Keto  White Butter Chicken

Keto White Butter Chicken

A Keto  White Butter Chicken recipe for all those Keto followers out there with Indian taste buds, here is an Indian version of keto to delight your palate.  Indian food has so many spices and we have a huge range of flavours to choose from. Using even one amongst them adds a flavorful punch to a dish. Eating out while on Keto is like chomping on a low-fat burger! Homemade ketogenic food is cooked keeping in mind the right ingredients, portions and calories are tastier at the same time.

Strangely tomatoes add extra calories to a dish which you should try to avoid sometimes. This White Butter Chicken from The Headbangers Kitchen does not use any tomatoes and as the name states it is white but it is still a Butter Chicken.

Butter chicken is a universal favourite all over the Globe and this recipe has been adapted to suit the Keto terms.

Well if you are looking for something more like the original butter chicken with that rich tomato flavour then try my original recipe here.  So give these a go and tell me which one is your favourite. If you are a vegetarian you can easily substitute the chicken for Paneer and get yourself a Paneer Makhani.

Keto  White Butter Chicken


250 gms Boneless chicken cubed

100 ml Fresh Cream

50 grams Butter

1 tbsp Ghee

2 tbsp Tandoori Masala

1 Onion chopped real fine or paste

1 tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste

1/2 Lime juice

Fresh Coriander

Salt to Taste

Kasuri Methi/Fenugreek Leaves


Marinate the chicken with ghee, salt, Tandoori Masala and lime juice.

Melt 10 grams of butter and saute the chicken until nicely caramelized and cooked. Set aside while you prepare the gravy.

In the same pan melt 30 grams of butter and add the onion and ginger garlic paste and cook for 2 minutes.

Cook for 1 minute and add the chicken along with its juices.

Crush the fenugreek or Kasuri methi in your palm and add to the chicken.

Add the fresh cream and turn off the gas.

Garnish with coriander and the remaining butter.

Serve as it is or with cauliflower rice!

Keto White Butter Chicken

I have already posted a Keto Butter Chicken with Tomatoes here. Vegetarians can make the same recipe with paneer.

If you are a vegetarian like me then check out the Paneer Makhani recipe here.This recipe is not keto


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