Creamy Mango Sago Floats

Creamy Mango Sago Floats

This time I am not crying wolf!! This is ab-so-loot-li my last latest post on the mango this season; a creamy, pearly, chewy, mangoey, biscuity, chocolaty Mango Sago Floats! Do check it out! What do I do? When I see these golden beauties I just can’t resist picking them up and then I don’t even eat mangoes much but I do love them. It is my delicate tummy I am scared of and that’s what restrains me.

Straight to the recipe now …..Mango floats on a bed of cracker powder, pureed mango, tapioca pearls covered in cream and condensed milk layers and topped with chocolate and other sprinkles with a crisp KitKat finger popping up. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Recipe for Creamy Mango Sago Floats


1 cup mango puree

½ cup cream

½ cup condensed milk

1 cup cooked sago pearls

5-6 crackers of your choice, crushed

Chocolate wafer sticks



Soak the sago for 30 minutes and boil till the pearls are translucent.

Make a smooth puree of the mangoes and keep aside.

Crush the crackers.

In a bowl, take the all-purpose cream and gradually add condensed milk (you may add more or less of the condensed milk to achieve your desired taste of sweetness). Mix until well blended. Now fold in half of the sago to the cream mixture.

Now for assembling the layers: Start by putting a thick layer of crushed crackers on the bottom of individual glasses, pour mango puree then gently add the cream sago mixture, and sprinkle with sago. Repeat process to make 2 layers, ending with chocolate and ther sprinkles on top.

You can even add sliced mango, a spoon of sago pearls, and chocolate wafer stick.  Chill and serve.

Your Creamy Mango Sago Floats are ready to be relished slowly or gobbled up!

Creamy Mango Sago Floats




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Prajakta says:

    Wow !!! nice recipe.. and minus the crackers its good to be eaten during fasting days as well…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by Prajakta and for the encouragement 🙂 Yes you can make without the crackers but Vrat time you don’t get mangoes I suppose but u can add any other fruit pulp 🙂


  2. lathiya says:

    Awesome recipe..looks mango in anything..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks, Lathiya. 🙂 too love mango and I prefer it in desserts as i cannot digest it by itself


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