Natural Tasting Mango-Coconut Jelly

Mango Jelly

I am bidding adieu to the mango with this amazing Natural Tasting Mango-Coconut Jelly. Bidding adieu to mangoes is like bidding adieu to a loved one albeit it is temporary and I will be welcoming them back again next summer with some more delicious recipes.

There is no one to eat mangoes at home but I couldn’t resist picking up more mangoes when I saw them at the supermarket. While browsing through YouTube, I came across this recipe for Mango-Coconut jelly and that too in Japanese. I didn’t understand a word they spoke but it looked so awesome that I had to try it out. A simple but marvellous looking layered Mango-Coconut jelly which tastes so natural and delectable.

Mangoes were first grown in India over 5,000 years ago and are considered to be very auspicious. Strings of mango leaves are hung across the door to the house during festivals or any auspicious day. The paisley pattern which is now world famous is actually the shape of a mango.

The romantic in me believes the interesting tale that mango stands for love. According to Hindu mythology, an evil sorceress had burnt the sun princess to ashes from which the mango tree grew. An emperor fell in love with the mango flower and fruit of that tree. So when the ripened mango fell to the ground, it turned into a beautiful princess!!

You need very few ingredients to churn out this Natural Tasting Mango-Coconut Jelly. Living in South India and that too on the coastal line, mangoes and coconuts are available easily and in abundance and both, I use extensively in my cooking. I like to make my own coconut milk as the carton ones contain preservatives and additives which do not give a natural taste.

An easy way to crack open a coconut Is to keep it in the freezer for a few hours and then tap it with a hammer all around and it will come out easily. I do not like to use gelatin somehow and avoid it as much as possible. This recipe uses Agar agar or China grass which is totally vegetarian and so easy to use.

Recipe for Natural Tasting Mango-Coconut Jelly

Mango Layer
2 cups unsweetened mango puree
7 tablespoons sugar
8 gms Agar Agar sheets

1 cup water

Coconut Layer
1 cup coconut milk
8 tablespoons sugar
4gms agar agar sheets
1 cup water.

How to make Coconut Milk

Take one medium size coconut, peel and chop it finely. Blitz it with a little water in the mixer. Strain the thick pulp to get one cup of coconut milk.

Agar Agar sheetsMango jelly methodCoconut Jelly method

Soak 8gms Agar Agar sheets in ½ cup water for 15 minutes. Agar Agar is a vegetarian substitute for gelatin and is like a jelly that sets easily. It is easier to use Agar Agar powder. I used sheets as the powder is not available here.

Heat ½ cup water and add the soaked Agar Agar to it. Keep stirring until the strands dissolve completely and have a smooth consistency.

Add sugar and stir for a couple minutes until sugar has dissolved. Turn off heat and add mango puree slowly. Stir well to make a homogenous mixture. Pour it into any mould of your choice. Do not fill to the brim as you will be pouring the coconut layer on top of it. Semi-set the mango layer in the refrigerator before pouring the coconut layer.

Soak 4 gms Agar Agar strands in ½ cup water for 15 minutes. Heat ½ cup water and add the soaked Agar Agar to it. Keep stirring until the strands dissolve completely and have a smooth consistency.

Add sugar and cook until sugar has dissolved. Slowly add the coconut milk stirring constantly. Cook for 2 more minutes.

Pour gently over the mango mixture. Make sure the mango mixture is slightly firmed up before pouring the coconut jelly. Refrigerate for at least 6 hours or until firm.

Kids will love this jelly so pour into fancy moulds of their choice and set so that they enjoy it more.

Natural Tasting Mango-Coconut Jelly is ready. Cut into desired slices and serve.If you like this dessert then please leave a note below and like it!

Natural Tasting Mango-Coconut JellyNatural Tasting Mango-Coconut JellyNatural Tasting Mango-Coconut JellyNatural Tasting Mango-Coconut Jelly



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  1. Kalpana says:

    What do I say Jeete😘You’ve stolen my heart❤️❤️…this dessert looks gorgeous!! And tastes divine in the picture itself…drool😋😋


  2. Hahaha…thanks Kalpu…,,i thot i had stolen ur heart in kindergarten 🙂 It is a very easy dessert just try it and then u will laugh at me :p ❤


  3. Padmavathi s says:

    Jeete that luks yummy
    💛mango jelly
    will try for sure👍


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Padma 🙂 Welcome and thanks for the appreciation. Do try and share what u is super easy ❤


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