Fresh Cherry Jelly with Sweetened Cream

Cherry Jelly with Fresh Cream

Let me tell you the anecdote behind my new-fangled recipe of Fresh Cherry Jelly with Sweetened Cream…..

Guess what I found at the supermarket yesterday; Cherries! Yes, the fresh, wild, bright crimson, juicy and luscious gems compelled me to grab the last box before it was snatched away by another cherry lover. Come on stop laughing. When in season, a few boxes do trickle down to the torrid south, and the supermarkets sell them albeit pricier than other fruits. I know Cherries require high altitudes and colder climates to grow but I am glad that connectivity has become so good that we starving people down south can enjoy the fruits grown in Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. Most of the cherries in India are small, bright, and tarty with a hint of sweetness but I am not complaining as I love these ruby red beauties

As most coloured fruits, the antioxidants in cherries fight free radicals, and thereby reduce the risk of cancer, slow signs of ageing and ward off heart disease. If I lived in Cherry land I surely would have externally applied cherries as they moisten, tighten and smoothen the skin and eat Fresh Cherry Jelly with Sweetened Cream!

Now I had this box of cherries and I ate almost half of them but then how much can one person eat, isn’t it? I wanted to make the most of them and wondered what dessert I could make with them. I found a packet of strawberry jelly crystals feeling lost at the back of my grocery shelf and I knew what I wanted to make; Fresh Cherry Jelly with Sweetened Cream!

I washed the cherries and set them to drain. I pulled out my jelly mould and set out to make a beautiful low-calorie dessert with these ripe red beauties. I did not pit the cherries as I wanted them whole in the jelly.

Recipe for Fresh Cherry Jelly with Sweetened Cream


1 packet Jelly crystals-90gms

2 cups fresh cherries washed and drained

2 cups water

4 tbsp sugar (optional)


I did not prepare the Jelly according to pack instructions which said 3 cups of water. Instead, I used 2 cups of water so that the jelly would hold the cherries and not give way.

Empty the contents of the Jelly Mix and Jelly premix sachet into a bowl. Heat two cups of water and add to the jelly mix. Add 2 Tbsps of powdered sugar to the jelly mix, if desired. Stir well till all the crystals dissolve and the jelly syrup is translucent.

I did not pit the cherries as I wanted them to hold their shape and look like spheres of jelly pearls.

Take a jelly mould or cake Bundt pan and rinse it with water. Place all the cherries evenly around.  Refrigerate until set.

If you want to make a rich dessert then serve the jelly with some fresh sweetened cream.

Move the jelly mould from the freezer to the crisper section once it sets. When it is ready to serve, demould the jelly onto a tray. I overturned my mould on a cake stand and it slipped out smoothly as I had rinsed the pan first. If your jelly is frozen then dunk it in hot water and then demould it.

Top with cream and more cherries and serve.

This jelly with ripe cherry notes is an absolute winner!Come fall in love with this Fresh Cherry Jelly with Sweetened Cream like I did!

Cherry Jelly with Sweetened cream


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