Mango Kulfi Falooda

Mango Kulfi Falooda

Mango kulfi recipe is a twist for regular Kulfi as it is flavoured with mango. It is lip-smacking, sinfully rich and creamy, frozen dessert. Being a mango lover I make good use of them in the summer season. Like samosa is incomplete without also (potato) so is summer incomplete without mangoes! We get small delectable juicy mangoes (Chinna rasalu) and Banganpalle mangoes which are so luscious and puree so well. So when life hands you mangoes you make a greek yoghurt pudding, mango popsicles, Mango Juice, Mango Kulfi and next would be Mango Phirni.

It was my grandson Arian’s birthday yesterday and I made this Mango kulfi for him. I know he is far away but I like to make something for him as if he was here with me. I wished him on skype with balloons, bubbles and candles and was happy to see him all excited and happy.

Kulfi is not an ice cream. It is the exotic flavours in it that make it taste so special. Western ice creams are egg-based; Kulfi is traditionally made from milk, simmered for hours to get a rich caramelised flavour. It is unique, unlike any other ice cream. This traditional way of making it is time-consuming and tedious so now we add condensed milk to speed up the process and yet retain the same flavour and texture. The Amul versus other ice cream giants drove home our milk-based chilled desserts which are natural and healthier. You can say that it is a quicker version but then I believe in simplifying recipes, rather than discarding them altogether.

Kulfi is a very North Indian dessert and until recently was not available in my city. When I used to visit Delhi with my mom and dad I looked forward to my visit to the famous Kulfi-Falooda at Roshan di Hatti in Karol Bagh. I loved the falooda there and always asked for more. Now I make it at home as it is quite simple. Since last year we now have these small carts selling Kulfi sticks with the name Punjabi Kulfi but Falooda is still nowhere available.

Recipe for Mango Kulfi Falooda

Recipe for Falooda


1 small cup corn flour

2 small cups water

1 tsp Rose syrup or Roohafza

1 bowl chilled water

10 cubes ice

Sev maker or press

How to make Falooda at home


Mix one cup corn flour and water to a smooth paste.

In a pan boil the remaining one cup water. Once it starts boiling add the cornflour paste and stir continuously.

The mixture will become a thick mass. Turn off the gas.

Take  Sev maker with the small perforated disc in place. Spoon the cornflour mixture into the sev maker.

Now press the sev maker into the ready bowl of chilled water. The falooda will come out in squiggly strands like noodles. Once all the falooda is done strain into a bowl.

Add the rose syrup or Roohafza to the falooda to give it a nice shade of pink.

Recipe for Mango Kulfi


400 ml whole milk reduced to half

200 gms Condensed milk

½ cup mango puree

2 green cardamoms powdered

½ cup chopped mango

5 almonds or pistachios crushed

pinch of saffron threads

Sugar if desired

How to make Kulfi


Bring the milk to a boil, stirring continuously. Simmer for some time till the milk reduces to half.

Remove from fire and add the Condensed milk or Amul Mithai Mate that I used. Use a hand whisk to blend well. Add sugar if desired.

Once it has cooled down a bit add the mango puree and mix well.

Add the cardamom powder, chopped mango pieces and saffron.

Whisk well till all the ingredients are mixed and incorporated well into the mixture.

Take Kulfi moulds or Popsicle moulds; rinse them once before filling them so that the Kulfi comes out easily. If you do not have moulds you can use disposable cups or shot glasses or any glass or ceramic cups.

Spoon the mango kulfi mixture into the kulfi moulds.

Cover with aluminium foil and insert an ice cream stick if desired.

Now keep in the freezer for the kulfi to set.

Once set, serve the mango kulfi with falooda on a small dessert plate. You can serve it with the ice cream stick or cut it into discs and pour the falooda over it.

If you are struggling to remove the kulfi from the mould, dunk the Kulfi in a bowl of water for a few seconds and the Kulfi will come out easily or you can just rub them between your palms.

Kulfi is not necessarily served as dessert. You can eat it like I do: anytime the craving hits me!

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Mango Kulfi Falooda


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