Keto Chicken Fried Rice

Second in my list of Keto friendly recipe is Keto Chicken fried rice. Grains are a big no-no in the Keto diet and for most Indians, it is almost blasphemous to think of a day without rice. My daughter was craving Chinese food and she looked up for something Chinese in the Head Bangers Kitchen and found chicken fried rice. She was thrilled and she loves cauliflower in any form and asked me to cook it for her.

Although I did not have all the ingredients, I dished out this delicious keto recipe with chicken, yellow peppers and using cauliflower rice. Even if you are not keto you will love this Keto Chicken fried rice.Research shows that if you stop eating grains your body will naturally begin to shed off extra pounds. Substituting rice with cauliflower is a smart move indeed.

Macros for 1 serving

Calories: 385

Net Carbs: 6g

Total Carbs: 11g

Fat: 26g

Protein: 29g

Fibre: 5g

Recipe makes 1 serving


150 grams Cauliflower Rice (Cooked)

150 grams  Chicken shredded( boiled and shredded)

50 grams White Mushrooms (Sliced)

50 grams Yellow or red or green Peppers (Capsicum)

20 grams Spring Onion (I used regular onion 1/2)2 cloves Chopped Garlic

2 cloves Chopped Garlic

1/2 Tbsp Soya Sauce

1/2 Tsp White Vinegar

Salt & Pepper

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

2 Eggs optional

Recipe for low carb, grain-free rice aka Cauliflower Rice

It actually looks like traditional rice and if you would swap Cauliflower rice with regular rice, very few people will notice the difference.


Serves 2

1/2 head organic cauliflower

1/2 Tablespoon coconut oil

Salt and pepper


Wash cauliflower, only the floret part and chop into small pieces. Blend the pieces in the Hand Chopper which is very handy or manually in a cheese grater.In a large skillet heat the coconut oil over medium. Add the shredded cauliflower. Sauté for about 5 minutes, until tender. Season with salt and pepper. Serve as you would traditional rice.

Chicken fried riceChicken fried rice


Heat 1 Tbsp of oil in the wok and fry the spring onion white, garlic and chicken.

Season with salt and pepper

Add in the mushrooms and yellow peppers until both are done.

Add in the cooked cauliflower rice and chopped egg omelette if you are using it.(I didn’t)

Add the soya sauce and vinegar and cook for 2 more minutes

Garnish with spring onion greens. I didn’t have them so I just left it out.

Serve as a satisfying one pot meal to a Keto follower.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliated link. Check here to see disclosure.

Keto Chicken Fried Rice


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