Carrot-Beans-Coconut Vepudu

Carrot-beans-coconut vepuduCarrot-beans-coconut vepudu


Indian food has so many different regional cuisines and nearly all have abundant options for every vegetable.  I usually use French beans when I make fresh corn soup for dinner. But now that it is summer, fresh corn is not available and I do not feel like drinking hot soup in this heat. I found some fresh French beans at the supermarket and bought some to make a Carrot- Beans-Coconut vepudu; an Andhra delicacy.

Carrot-Beans-Coconut Vepudu is a South Indian style vegetable stir fry that is easy to make with few ingredients and yet healthy and flavorful. The grated coconut adds that extra punch to this colorful curry. This Carrot and Beans curry is usually a side dish along with sambar or Tomato Rasam and rice but we Punjabis eat it with roti too.

This recipe is a simple French bean carrot stir fry with grated coconut.

Recipe for Carrot-Beans-Coconut Vepudu


1 tsp oil

1 tsp cumin

2 dried red chillies

Few curry leaves

250 gms chopped French beans

250gms chopped carrots

3 tbsp fresh shredded coconut shreds

½ tsp red chilli powder

Salt to taste

Fresh coriander


Heat oil in a pan. When hot add red chillies, cumin and curry leaves.

The beans and carrot can be boiled and drained and then added to the tempering. But I like the crunch in my veggies and just cooked them directly.

Add the beans, carrots, mix well. Cover and cook on medium heat. Once done add salt and chilli powder. Stir nicely and add the grated coconut and remove from fire. Transfer to a serving bowl and garnish with fresh coriander leaves.

Serve this Carrot-Beans-Coconut Vepudu hot with rice or roti.

Carrot-beans-coconut vepudu



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