Easter Bunnies and Chicks


Easter Bunny

Food art is of two kinds, intricate or plain simple and guess what I choose? So I go ahead and play with my food and create these cute little Easter Bunnies and Chicks. I always say food presentation is as quintessential to the success of even a simple dish as its taste and flavor.  The way the food looks on the plate is what tempts our eyes and makes us want to taste it.

If you are preparing for kids, choose fun food presentations that will make even a fussy eater want to eat. When my kids were young, I loved doing little things to creating fun memories for my family and now I have kept the tradition alive for my grandson.  This Easter I planned and made this Easter Bunny Sweet Bread Bowl for Easter Dinner to fill with mango juice! Totally fusion food as am sure there is no tradition of mango juice for Easter. I like to use the fruit of the season and mangoes are ubiquitous right now.

Legend says, the Easter bunny, brought baskets filled with coloured eggs, candy, and sometimes toys to the homes of children on the night before Easter, in much the same way as Santa Claus is said to deliver presents on Christmas Eve. I picked these out of many choices on Pinterest and am thankful for their ideas. They really are so easy to make and take just a little bit of imagination to create your own version.

Who wouldn’t want to partake of thick juicy mango pulp from a cute bunny bowl you would think? I served it to my daughter and she said they are too cute to eat mom!

“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life and new hope.”

Easter Food Bunnies and Chicks

You will need the following to make ONE Easter Bunny Bread Bowl:

Easter Bunny with mango juice

1 regular sized bun

1 mini bun bowl

5 toothpicks

2 regular chocolate chips

Pink wafers for the nose

Knife and kitchen scissors

Fresh parsley (Easter “grass”)

Small carrot heart cut out

1 cup of fresh mango pulp


Cut the bread bowl so that you remove a small top section of the roll in a U shape.  Leave a ledge for the smaller roll to sit on.

If you do not have a small bun, then take a round cutter and make a small round in a big bun and keep aside.

Dig out the insides of the bread.Make a ball of it for the Bunny’s tail.

Take the top of the bread bowl you removed and cut out 2 ears.  You can trim the inside of the bunny ears so they are flatter.

Take the knife and slice a small hole where you want the nose.  Push the round or triangular piece of strawberry wafers as a nose in the bread.  Poke a tiny hole for the eyes and then gently place the chocolate chip eyes in place.

Take the round bunny head and place it on top of the bread bowl ledge and secure it in place with three toothpicks.

Slide the other two toothpicks into the bottom of the ears and then place them in the top of the roll for the bunny’s ears.

Take a small piece of the bread you removed from inside the bowl and roll it into a ball and use it as the bunny’s tail.

I didn’t have fresh coriander so I took some garden greens and laid it down on the plate to serve as some “Easter Grass” to add to the fun and festive look!

These can be made in advance as long as they are stored in an airtight container. Fill the bowl with mango juice or any soup of your choice. My grandson has a sweet tooth so I filled it with thick mango pulp which he could eat with a spoon. You could fill the bowl with your favourite veggie dip or hummus and add this to your veggie tray or crackers on your table.  Be innovative and come out with your own ideas.

And I added an extra bit of love to the bunny with a carrot heart and a coriander leaf.

Hard-Boiled Egg Chicks and Bunnies

Easter is synonymous with eggs and these hardboiled chicks and bunnies will disappear from the plates in a flash.

These hard-boiled chicks and bunnies will make an eggsotic addition to your Easter decoration.

You Will Need:

Easy Ingredients

3 hardboiled Eggs (you’ll need one egg to make two chicks and two eggs to make one bunny)

Black sesame or onion or nigella seeds

Baby carrots or cut regular carrot to look like a baby carrot

Fresh chives or parsley stems


Hard boil your eggs. I boil them for exactly 10 minutes with a dash of salt and vinegar. When they are done peel the shells. I used the easy way— put the eggs in a mason jar with a little water and gave it a good shake and the eggs were peeled so easily.

Easter Chicks


To Make The Chicks:

  1. Slice one hard-boiled egg in half. Slice a little bit of white off the bottom of each half so they sit firmly on the plate or else they will roll.
  2. Decorate each egg half with two black onion seeds for the eyes, a piece of baby carrot cut into a triangle for the beak and two chives for head feathers.

Easter Bunny

To Make The Bunny:

  1. Slice one egg in half lengthwise. One-half will be the bunny’s body. Place on a plate. Slice off the underside a bit so that it rests well on the plate.

Slice the other half in half again. These will become the ears.

Take another egg and cut it in half horizontally. One-half will be the head. Use the remaining half to make two feet and a bunny tail.

Decorate the bunny with two black onion seeds for the eyes, a slice of carrot cut into a triangle for the nose, and six chives for the whiskers.

Decorate the plate with a sliced baby carrot and chives.

These adorable chicks and bunny will creep into your heart and implore you to make them. They are so easy to make and will surely light up the faces of your loved ones.

Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny and Chicks


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