Valentine’s Day Love Bites


Valentine’s Day is a day of love and there’s no better love than the love of food, is there? Valentine’s Day is one day in a year to show love to people who you may not show otherwise. Is Valentine’s Day overhyped? Some say it is too commercialised, some use it as a day to show love and appreciation to family and friends, while others use it to spoil their partners rotten. I agree that it is heavily commercialised and totally American culture, but I think the idea of celebrating love in this fast-paced life is lovely and something that we all need.

What is Love?? Love is not just between a man and woman. Love has many forms and they say the way to man’s heart is through his stomach but this holds true for everyone, isn’t it?  The way to anyone’s heart is through the tummy; especially kids.

Who says Valentine’s Day is only for the partnered people? I wanted to add some romance to my Valentine’s Day and I did with these breakfast tidbits. Arian, my first grandson is the love of my life and I would love to spoil him rotten with these cute heart-shaped recipes. Food for valentine’s gifts is the perfect way to say “I love you!” Kids look at love through heart shaped glasses am sure and my little guy is a handsome, adorable, feisty and a total foodie kiddo. I dished up some love through heart-shaped Raspberry jam filled sandwiches, heart-shaped fried egg sandwich with a glass of strawberry milkshake to wash it all down and a heart-shaped candy as a special treat which would get me a few more hugs and kisses am sure XOXO. I served the heart-shaped eggs on toast and sandwiches with the help of a cookie cutter. Try these, am sure, your someone special will love them!

It is Valentine’s Day after all and lunch follows breakfast, isn’t it?  Arian, my grandson loves to play and what could be better than a picnic lunch in the garden!  I wanted him to be familiar with his Indian G-ma’s Punjabiyat , so I fried a batch of heart shaped puris with a yummy gravy of baby potatoes which would make you want to lick your fingers.

A heart-shaped fried egg to provide the protein for all his hyperactive energy. I used heart shaped cookie cutters for the egg and the puris. Arian loves fruits too and I cut Watermelon, muskmelon, dark grapes into tiny little hearts to add to the festive atmosphere; all this to be washed down with Roohafza milkshake.

Make your Valentine’s Day delicious and tasty at home sweet home!



Heart shape puri



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