Strawberry Cream Biscuit Pudding


It’s my birthday today and no one to celebrate it with so I made this yummy creamy dreamy dessert all for myself.I like to make easy no bake desserts as I live in the tropics and cooking can be a sweaty, icky affair if there is too much cooking. Very similar to the Pineapple  pudding recipe I have put up before, I have substituted with strawberry. Crunchy biscuits topped with glazed strawberries and homemade whipped topping make a helluva dessert. Strawberry like Pineapple is tangy and the combination with the sweet cream and crispy biscuits is simply delicious.

Recipe for Strawberry Cream Biscuit Pudding


12 Britannia Marie biscuits or any crackers

500 gms fresh cream

20 strawberries, chopped fine, save few for garnishing.

½ cup powdered sugar

1 tbsp cocoa powder

1 tbsp milk

1 tbsp of choco chips.


Coarsely crush the biscuits with a rolling pin.

Mix the cocoa powder, milk and sugar and make a thin syrup.

Now take a bowl or individual cups, layer the powdered biscuit and sprinkle the cocoa syrup so that the biscuits are drenched but not soggy.

Freeze it for 10 minutes.

Till then chop the strawberries. Add sugar to the strawberries. Layer the strawberries over the biscuit layer. Freeze till you get the cream ready.

If the cream is thin then take it in a metal bowl and whip the cream into a nice fluffy consistency. Take care not to overbeat it or it will turn to butter.

Now spread the whipped cream on the biscuit and strawberry layers.If you want a double layer, repeat the layer of biscuit, strawberry and cream once again.

Garnish with fruits and choco chips. Cover with foil or cling film and chill until set. Open once set and Voila!! You have a perfecto dessert.

Relish the crunchy layer of biscuits with the tartness and sweetness of the strawberries sandwiched between the rich smooth cream and biscuits.

Try this homemade whipped cream, strawberry dessert recipe and let me know what you think.Bon appétit!


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