Whole wheat pudding or Atta Halwa

Winters are incomplete without hot halwa eaten at any time of the day or night.This Whole wheat pudding or Atta Halwa I have made is a fusion of food.In my religion, Sikhism, Karah is a halwa or pudding made with equal portions of whole-wheat flour, ghee or clarified butter, and sugar. The equal portions emphasise the equality of all men and women, rich or poor. It is offered to all visitors to the Gurdwara. The Sewadar (server) serves it out of the same bowl to everyone in equal portions but I remember my cousins and I going back for a second helping as kids.

I do not know about Prasad of other religions but it is to be noted that in Sikhism the recipe for the parshad is written down in the Guru Granth Sahib (holy book).The same recipe has been followed since the past few centuries.

Karah parshad, is a sacred sweet and is considered a delicacy; Prashad is made while reciting scriptures and believe me that really tastes awesome. We had a small Gurudwara in our home while I was growing up and my mom would make the prashad early in the morning while reciting. Waking up to that aroma was so good. At a Gurudwara, Prasad is prepared in the langar (kitchen). I love to eat it with puris too.

The karha Parshad made as halwa or dessert can never match up in taste to the original Parshad made in the Gurudwara or temple. I have made variations to the same and given it a new twist. I divided the halwa into two portions. One I left as it is and to the other portion I added some cocoa powder (I love chocolate) I sliced some strawberries and added to the plain portion and topped it all with slivered almonds.

Recipe for Whole wheat pudding or Atta Halwa



1 cup ghee

1 cup whole grain wheat flour or atta.

1 cup sugar3 cups water

3 cups water

4 cardamoms crushed

2 tbsp Cocoa powder/2 tbsp milk or water

100gms almonds slivered

200gms Strawberries


Measure all ingredients. If you stick to the measurement you will get the perfect halwa.

Boil the water and add sugar to it. Add crushed cardamoms and mix it well

Melt ghee or clarified butter in a pan. Add whole grain flour (atta) to the melted ghee.

Stir mixture continuously to lightly roast flour. Continue stirring flour and ghee until the ghee separates from roasted flour and turns a deep golden colour with the nutty aroma wafting through the air.

Meanwhile, the sugar melts to make a light syrup.

Pour boiling sugar syrup into the roasted flour (atta) and ghee mixture.

Pour the syrup very carefully and slowly as the mixture will splutter. Take care not to be scalded. Stir rapidly until all the syrup is absorbed.

It thickens into a firm pudding and the cooked halwa slides easily from the pan into the serving bowl. Divide the halwa into portions. Make a thick paste with the cocoa powder and milk and add to one portion. It will give the halwa a nice chocolate flavour. Pour it on one side of the serving bowl.

Take half the other portion and layer it in the serving bowl. Place the sliced strawberries on it and add another layer of the halwa on top.  Garnish with almonds and strawberries.

Enjoy this fusion recipe and let the silky smooth halwa just slide into your belly.

Atta Halwa or Whole wheat flour pudding

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  1. I love the sound of the making of food with the sound of scripture. Definitely a pudding of love ❤ I will try it. Thank you x


    1. Thanks, Jules. And yes I have made it with and without chanting the scriptures and believe me it just won’t turn out as tasty when I do not. Just see that you roast the flour well otherwise it gives a very raw taste. It should be golden brown.Do share when u prepare it 🙂


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