Family and Festivals

My family

Family isn’t an important thing it is everything and during festival time I start missing them more.I am used to having family traditions during Rakhi and Diwali but now that I have a Mexican daughter-in-law I feel we should celebrate Christmas too together. In fact the best gift around the Christmas tree for me would be the presence of my family wrapped in love ♥

It is said the magic of Christmas season is spreading good cheer, of spending time with family, of sharing, caring and giving, of love and of family bonding.  Festivals our filled with happiness and joy and I wish I could spend time with my family gathered around me.

Family time is so important to me and I love to plan the feast and spend maximum time with my family. I have read about family Christmas being the best kind of Christmas and Christmas traditions that are passed down generations.

Spending time with my family is dear to my heart especially as we now live in different cities and countries. I look forward to the precious days we spend together.

Diwali  is my favorite festival as it’s the one that I remember the most as a child, not because of the lights and fireworks but the traditions my mom taught me and which I have created with my family. The memories of childhood and my children’s childhood are etched in my memory. I used to cook all kinds of goodies, the evening puja and Prasad, the rangoli and the twinkling diyas; all are traditions that I still carry on even though my family is away. I missed my grandson so much and his first Diwali, I celebrated as if he was with me. I set up his hatti with toys and placed his picture there. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if your loved ones are not around; what matters is what you are doing for them with love.

The apple of my eye-Arian

Christmas is around the corner and I am really missing my family but in spite of the miles between us, I carry them with me in my heart, mind, yes stomach too because I do not just live in a world but a world (family) lives in me.

First Diwali with my Daughter-in-law 
Diwali with my daughter last month!




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