Aloo Tikki or Potato Cutlets

Aloo Tikki or Potato Cutlets is a popular street food in North India but we in South India make and gorge on it in the comfort of our homes. Winter is the best season to binge on a little more carbs than usual and with a hot cup of masala ginger chai tea or milk; I savored these finger-licking Aloo Tikkis tucked in my quilt this morning. They are packed with several benefits that will keep you warm and strengthen your immunity. I have been sniffling since quite a few days and I am finding relief in any food or drink that will provide some reprieve.

Aloo tikkis are easy to make and serve at any time; breakfast, tea-time snack or as an appetiser.  My aloo tikkis are a bit spicy and I usually shallow fry them. They are soft on the inside and crisp on the outside if you roll the patties over breadcrumbs, semolina or oats. The crunch that comes from this outer layer makes it yummier and the spicy inner layer gives an additional kick to your taste-buds.

Recipe for Aloo Tikki or Potato Cutlets


8 Potatoes boiled and mashed

1 onion chopped really fine

10 pods garlic crushed

2 green chillies chopped fine

Oil to shallow fry

Fresh coriander leaves chopped a few sprigs

1/4 tsp Red chilli powder

1 ½ tsp coriander powder

¾ tsp jeera powder

2 tsp amchur powder

Crushed oats for coating

Salt to taste.


Wash potatoes nicely and boil with a little salt. Then peel and mash the boiled potatoes with a masher or grate them like I do.

Take the mashed potatoes in a bowl. Add green chillies, chopped onion, garlic, coriander leaves, salt, red chilli, amchur, coriander and jeera powder to the mashed potatoes. Mix and combine well like a dough.

I  make fresh coriander and jeera powder to get a stronger aroma.

Heat the skillet and add enough oil to shallow fry all the tikkis

Divide into portions and shape into round or oblong shape.

Roll the tikkis in crushed oats and shallow fry the tikkis on both sides in the hot oil.

Drain onto an absorbent paper.

Serve hot with green mint and coriander chutney or ketchup if you like.

I have some leftover Aloo tikki or Potato cutlet mash and I think I would make a burger or a sandwich with it.What are you going to make today?

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