Paneer (Cottage Cheese) and Mushroom stuffed Frankie


Why a Paneer (Cottage Cheese) and Mushroom stuffed Frankie? I mean why not. It is the easiest thing to assemble for a single person and it is food on the go. When I was working, I would be late for office most of the time and I would roll my dosa or my roti and eat and drive! Simple!

These days Frankie or Kathi rolls is a popular street food in Delhi and Mumbai. Many have taken a fancy to these healthy vegan wraps or sinful cheese and meat kiosks. Moms with fussy kids find it easy to pack some goodies in the Frankie and hand it over to the kids who can eat them even while on the move.

As a kid, I was a fussy eater and my mom was at her wit’s end when it came to tickling my palate. I used to pick at my food and she used to say I ate like a sparrow! But my mom used to make these amazing paranthas. Simple wheat flour with salt, Ajwain or caraway and a ladleful of ghee would be shaped into a delightful cone with a stuffing of fresh cream and sugar. Sigh!! I am putting on pounds just thinking of that sinful wonder.

Frankie’s available in the market are made with plain flour roti(flat leavened bread) which are pre-cooked and kept ready. Homemade Frankie rolls or roti made with whole wheat flour are much heathier.They can be stuffed with fillings ranging from a basic potatoes and onions mixture to Paneer or cottage cheese, to more innovative Chinese versions too. Healthy salad veggies like carrot, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce can be added to add to the nutrient quotient. They are served with mint-coriander dips.



How to roll a Frankie

Recipe for Paneer (Cottage Cheese) and Mushroom stuffed Frankie


For The Rotis or leavened bread

1/2 cup whole wheat flour or plain flour

Salt to taste

Butter or ghee for frying

For The Stuffing

1 1/2 tbsp oil or butter

1 tsp ginger-garlic paste

1 cup grated cottage cheese

½ cup mushrooms chopped

1 medium sized onion chopped finely

1 tbsp Tomato sauce

1 tsp green chilli sauce

1 slit green chilli

1 bunch spring onion chopped

1 tbsp finely chopped coriander

Salt to taste

½ shredded carrot

½ cucumber sliced thinly


For the Roti

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and knead into a soft and pliable dough using enough water. Cover the dough with a wet muslin cloth and keep aside for 10 minutes.

Divide the dough into 4 equal portions and roll into thin discs.

Heat a Tava (griddle) and cook each roti lightly on a medium flame and keep aside.

If you have any leftover roti you can make good use of them to make Frankies.

For the stuffing

Heat the oil/butter in a pan; add the ginger-garlic paste and sauté on a medium flame for a few seconds.

Add the chopped onion, green chilli and sauté till the onions turn pink. Add the grated cottage cheese or Paneer and mix well. Sauté on a medium flame and add the tomato and chilli sauce. Add the spring onion and mix it to make a cohesive mass. Garnish with spring onion greens and coriander and keep aside.

How to Assemble

Heat ½ tsp butter on a Tava (griddle) till both sides turn light brown in colour.

Place it on a paper towel or butter paper. Place the grated carrots, cucumber and the cottage cheese stuffing on one side of the roti and roll it up tightly.

If you like boiled eggs you can add them to the paneer mince.

Serve immediately with a tangy garlic sauce.

Bite into the Paneer (Cottage Cheese) and Mushroom stuffed Frankie or mouth-watering goodness full of healthy stuff and let your palate taste the heavenly flavours.



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