Why Travel Makes Me Happy?


Flying over the clouds

Why Travel Makes Me Happy? That feeling when I step on the plane and know that I am about to live new experiences  and the adrenalin rush that comes with it makes me so very happy and I feel as if a whole new world awaits me. Suddenly life is so awesome. I wonder why I do not do this more often.  If travel is the secret to my happiness then I am going to stash any spare cash I’ve got into my holiday piggy bank.

The other day a few friends were discussing “Happiness” and I did not participate in the discussion but it did stir a hornets’ nest in my mind. And on retrospection, I realized that traveling is totally changing my life. It’s given me the chance to be happier.  I barely traveled all my life and now that the husband has found his abode up there with HIM and the kids have flown the nest, I have started spreading my rusty old wings.  Living alone is not my cup of tea and I used to be drowning myself in depressed thoughts and self-pity but now that I am widening my horizons , I’ve become a great believer that  travel makes me happy and I want other people to feel the same euphoria I go through when I travel.

Travel has many plus points. It increases mental well-being in the long run. Traveling can make you a happier person by boosting your self-assurance endowing with new experiences and memories, breaking the monotony and gives you the chance to meet people from all over the world.

Eiffel Tower Paris

Travel is just the right stimulant for happiness, as it has given me the chance to experience the natural, social, cultural and man-made wonders of the world. I used to think that shopping or some well deserved retail therapy was an antidote for my happiness but now I have realized that instead of heading out on a shopping spree to lift myself out of doldrums, I rather put that money on a flight instead!

Happiness to me now is anticipating an experience before it happens. Travel surely makes me happier than if I go and splurge on a designer dress. I have decided that next time whenever something immensely disappointing happens in my life (yes, there will be many next times, because life is just like that), I will TRAVEL. Believe me, it helps.

I have found that it’s much easier to make new friends while travel than in the social milieu closer home. When people are away from home, they are relaxed and they let their guard down and making friends becomes much easier. The conversation starts off with where are you from and we are talking more and meeting diverse, fascinating people, from whom we learn a lot too.

Travel gives a much needed Detox from the Social media monster as it’s healthy for all of us to take a break from the internet. Wi-Fi has become ubiquitous and there are few places that do not have access to the net. It would be best to holiday someplace with no reception and no Wi-Fi so that you don’t have any choice. It’s therapeutic and will allow you to live the ‘moment’ instead of concentrating in uploading the picture to Facebook or Instagram and lose out on the moment.

Chappan Bhog

I think that there is no end to learning and one of the best things about visiting a new place is to learn the ways of the people who live. I like learning and tasting local food and knowing what makes them tick. Traveling makes me feel part of a global village and all the people in it make me feel that I am never alone. I have just got home from a Temple food trail which really upped my knowledge as well as happiness quotient. It was a motley group of 30 like minded people setting out on a passion trail. I actually met people who are very different from my friends back home, but I bonded well with them because of the common interest of food. It surely was a very stimulating and exhilarating experience.

My brain seems to be very active during my travels and an active brain is said to increase one’s level of happiness. Evoking memories of such happy moments can keep up the feeling of pleasure ever years after. And that’s why travel makes one a happier person. I lost count of the number of smiles the trip had brought to my face. Memories old or new do not have a shelf life and they are a real source of joy that linger with us our whole lives.

If you really want to be happy then Jet Set Go!

Barcelona Beach

Why Travel Makes Me Happy? You have all the answers now!

Please share Why Travel Makes You Happy!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. I would so much love to travel! But (emphasis here)…no money! I shall travel vicariously through your posts! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by Julie. I am 52 and just started travelling last year. When my husband was alive we had the money but he had no time. When he died I had to start looking for work at 40. Then I had no time nor money. Now I am freelancing and I have decided that I will save to travel. There are a few posts on travel in the blog and hopefully many more to come 🙂


  2. Uma says:

    Harjeet yes I love to travel new places it’s really exciting and relaxing. Moving in an unknown place and people. Enjoyed ur blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank u Uma….thanks for passing by. I just started travelling and I hope this is just the beginning 🙂


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