Dream To Make a Difference-My article in the Times Of India


The Gen Next has it all in control and they can move mountains if they put their mind to it. And the Dream Team of 5 visionary teenagers in the city have come up with an inventive program of counseling their own peers are out to prove it. Going radically opposite the stereotypical view of modern teenagers being lazy, glued to their mobiles, surfing the net, playing computer games or hanging out with their friends, the Dream Team are rousing students to chase their dreams.

DREAM is – Desire+Realize+Expect+Achieve+Motivate and the team are Apurva Ghanshani ,Naureen Sultana, Jayadeep,Srijaya Swaminathan ,all pursuing their degree at Andhra Loyola College, and of course. Sarat put all the ideas into a coherent whole . Eighteen years old, Apurva is the tiny spark that ignited the Dream Team. She is chirpy, talks nineteen to the dozen but has her head firmly on her shoulders and her determined mantra is -I can and I will. The noble thought of guiding other kids her age to dream and soar makes her stand out in a crowd.  Naureen Sultana, her comrade-in-arms too has exceptional oratory skills and good listening ability has them as the main face of the Dream team. The idea germinated over a cup of coffee in the college canteen and they consider it their mission to make a difference in the lives of as many youngsters as they can.

This team of go-getters is taking up Interactive workshops for the teenagers, to help them clear the cobwebs in their heads and lead them to a bright future. They want them to realize that each one of them is unique in their own way and they have the right to choose what is best for them in life. Teenagers hate being sermonized by elders and they know that kids will relate and listen to them as they are of the same age. They are young, yes, but want to achieve the impossible.

The Dream Team is first conducting workshops at orphanages, to make them realize the necessity of having minimum education and then move on to regular schools in the city. Following Benjamin Franklin’s dictum of, ‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’- they intend to involve the kids and hold their interest by making the sessions lively with ice-breakers and games.

Their mission is to Dream Big.. Sparkle more.. Shine Bright and the topics they are going to address are- Parental Pressure, Career Choices, Peer Pressure, Focus, Generation Gap, Addiction( be it a vice like smoking or gaming) SWOT Analysis,  build Self Esteem,  share a Success mantra.

Apurva passionately states that “We were lucky to have parents who allowed us to dream and gave us the freedom to chase those dreams. But not everyone is fortunate and we want to drive home the point that they have choices and the right to choose for them as it is their life. We want to make a difference not only through our words but by making a difference in the way a student would perceive every situation in his life. “

Naureen on the other hand ,says, “We want to drive home the point that ‘You have to do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do.”

The team jointly agrees that habitual nagging by parents can be a great demotivator and parents who persistently rescue their kids from failing, demoralize their teenager’s ability to learn from their mistakes. They want to show that career choices are not limited to medicine and Engineering and there is a copious number of career choices for every kid according to their ability and talent.

No parent wants to see their kid fail, but it is true that failure is a stepping stone to success. With all the things going on in their life it is very easy for teenagers to get sidetracked. They need to be reminded, what they have to do and to get prepare for that. The Dream team plans to do just that with ‘Fun’ as the key ingredient to getting teenagers to be motivated and they say that keep Dreaming coz only if you dream can you make it come true!

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