Vijayawada wakes Up To The Wonders of Yoga


My 4th article in Vijayawada Times….

Yoga is the latest buzz in the city. The burgeoning Yoga classes all over the city validate that there is a growing consciousness about Yoga. Irrespective of age or social strata, people are making yoga a part of their daily routine. Some classes start as early as 5 am in the morning and still you can find people attending them religiously. While the youth practice it to sharpen their minds, adults are trying to stay fit and slow down the aging process.

Yoga is not a religion it is a way of life- an approach to health that endorses harmonious collaboration of the body, mind, and spirit. An invaluable gift of our ancient tradition, it is a package deal that embodies the unity of mind and body, thought and action, restraint and fulfillment, harmony, a holistic approach to health and well-being. By changing our lifestyle and creating awareness, it can help us deal with our physical, mental as well as environmental changes. Gym, Zumba dancing, Jogging, Swimming and other ways of staying fit are fads that have a short lifespan, but Yoga becomes a part of life. It is addictive and is difficult to shrug it off once you are used to it.

Speaking to a wide Diaspora of yoga aficionados – tutors as well as the tutored, has revealed nuggets of wisdom on the topic—-

“Yoga can be practiced anywhere unlike the gym as the only pieces of equipment you need are your body and your mind, and, of course, a mat. Even when I am on vacation I practice it outdoors,” says Nalini, a frequent traveler.

While Syamala, a yoga enthusiast says,” Yoga may seem repetitive, the same asanas, the same series, the same pranayama but every day it takes on an entirely new meaning and gives an entirely different outcome.

Dimple, a selfie queen, who practices Yoga, says amusingly, “A photographer makes people pose for him but while doing yoga I get to try different poses for myself”.

“Yoga is not a workout, it is a work in,” says young Pooja. “It is in, it’s hip, it’s natural and it’s mainly Indian. So we all should practice and become a country of yoginis and yogis, with a pure heart and sagacious mind in a healthy body” she says sagely.

Busting the universal misconception that Yoga is for the middle-aged and stressing on compulsory Yoga for school children, Satya Sridhar, an accomplished Yoga teacher shares his analysis. He says, “These days due to media exposure, poor environmental circumstances, and psycho-social stress, the accelerated activity of the pituitary gland results in precocious puberty. Kids are growing physically but mentally they are immature and unable to handle this change. If kids are made to practice yoga, the onset of puberty can be delayed.”

Nagarjuna, a fanatic body builder, admits that “I was always into body building and the result was a muscular body sans flexibility and inner strength. Yoga has taken me the extra mile and I have found that it helps keep mind and body balanced lifelong.  If both these are in sync, everything gets streamlined. His better half, Bindiya, who was always the sporty kind, feels that yoga is more of physical feel good factor and admits that she has not yet reached that mental level. But at the end of the day as she feels physically good it makes her feel elated mentally. Their bubbly teenage daughter, Rhea is hyper and lively and she says that “I am a novice and it is challenging for me to adapt to the slow pace of yoga, to sit, to hold poses and breathe, but then it’s growing on me and I am learning to appreciate it.”

Dr.Manikyeswara Rao, a BAMS in ayurvedic medicine and surgery, is also a Yoga Guru since sixteen years. He expounds that” Suryanamaskar is a salutation to the sun practicing it at the break of dawn is one of the best ways to start a new day and. It is a sequence of 12 asanas that flow one into the other with rhythmic breathing. It can mend your cardiovascular problems, help you beat stress and Detox your body. It helps improve your memory and also helps get rid of the stress and anxiety that hits everybody these days. Integrating it into your daily routine will keep you healthy and youthful.”


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  1. I love yoga but do gym too! Love the idea of yoga being a way of life 🙂


    1. Thanks for stopping by Honey…Yoga as a way of life means practising the Asanas . eating healthy, thinking healthy which leads to a healthy life. Gym is good too but after a certain age you will stop gyming but yoga u can continue 🙂


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