Let Your Home reflect Your personality



My 3rd article in the Vijayawada Times….

Padma Sunkara is a classical dancer, a badminton ace and a consummate homemaker with a thriving passion for interiors. She holds a diploma in interiors and has designed her home with incredible expertise. She shares her invaluable interior tips for the perfect urban home. She says,” Before you start decorating your house, it is very important to zero in on an idea that best suits you and make a wish list. Be smart, ignite your imagination and create something beautiful that mirrors you. This topic is pretty comprehensive and cannot be encapsulated in few tips; I have tried my best to share my tips and ideas on how to create your cozy little home. You don’t need to be a designer to do up your home but you must have innovative ideas to go about it.”

Natural sunlight is the best source of light which adds a lot of space to your rooms and saves on your power bills. Using too dark color for walls of your home is not good as it won’t reflect light and will make your home look smaller. An ivory colored wall gives you the option to play with colorful decor accessories and if they are well synchronized with the color it will definitely result in amazing outcomes.

Bright furnishings look great with ivory. Do not go for heavy drapes as they make the room look smaller and darker. I opted for light color blinds and kept the furniture as minimal as possible to facilitate movement and to give an illusion of space. Calming neutrals receive new life with pops of color from a fuchsia pink graffiti cushion on the sofa or a patterned throw pillow on the floor.

Freak out on exotic artifacts and handicrafts that bring out your best passion, like my incredible collection of brass idols and figurines. I went for something unique and captivating akin to the imposing Nataraja idol that takes center stage in my home or the antique brass lamp in the living room. And not to forget my priceless porcelain collection juxtaposed with the pickle jar which has been handed down by my great-grandmother. They blend beautifully to create a sense of revival and rejuvenation.

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home and has to be infused with contemporary themes. Go for custom made modular kitchen instead of readymade. All the appliances- microwave, OTG, coffee maker, kitchen machine, double door refrigerator are well fitted into the cabinets giving the kitchen a neat stream lined look. While the custom-made modular drawers and shelves keep all my pots and pans out of sight. The kitchen should be minimalist in style but completely functional. But do add a touch of pop, like the bright onion and garlic jars that add zing to my otherwise monotone kitchen. On the safety side, I would recommend a gas alarm which beeps whenever there is a leakage.

Let the old and the new, the classic and the modern, blend together seamlessly throughout your home. I used to watch my grandmother weaving the coarse yarn for our beds and I wanted to incorporate the same. The chaise lounges and the dining chairs though contemporary have the same ancient coarse yarn which is washable and can be rewoven again.

The most important room of our homes these days is the washroom. Gone are the days when it was thought that a bathroom can’t be designed because trends have changed and numerous choices are available to design your bathroom. Like mine is aesthetically decorated, with a crimson flower arrangement in one corner and magazine rack in the center.

One of the most fundamental and neat ways to decorate & design your home is to use space saver furniture. Like most of my floor stands double up as storage space for my knick knacks and also showcase my curios. Having pullout drawers in the bed to house blankets and quilts also makes good organizing.

The space below the stairs should be used smartly. I used this space as my Zen corner with the marble Krishna lighted up, the fresh flowers floating in the urli and soulful music playing in the background.

Due to the pressure of academics, kids hardly have any time to pursue their hobbies. Both, Satvi, my daughter and son Akul are voracious readers like me and in spite of their academic studies, manage to make time for some serious reading. For this very reason, I have a separate study room with a well-stocked library. Akul is also a sports buff, representing his school’s basketball team and practices hoops on the terrace, where I have a basket fixed.

If you have a DVD collection try to stack them neatly rather than strewing them around.. My husband’s 1000 movie DVD stockpile are arranged according to their genre in three shelves.

Make good use of terrace space to throw parties. My husband and I like to host parties and the terrace is our favorite spot to host our friends. We have seating arrangement for around 70 people and stone tables that can hold a lavish buffet.

In this fast paced millennium, there is no place like home where you can be yourself; where every room reflects your character. It’s not just a shelter where you live, it’s your personal world, your very own private haven and retreat where you can shut out the cacophony of the outside world and create your own heaven. Be realistic and keep it stylish!



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