Eating Out- a rare treat


Today I went out for lunch with my friends and their daughters. It was an all girlie lunch amidst lots of catching up.I barely eat out as I hate dining alone and I enjoy any chance that I get to eat out- a rare treat for me.

We have a severe summer down south in India and every year it is almost the same but we keep whining about the heat as if we just moved from Iceland! The heat forces most of us to stay indoors and no wonder we all didn’t meet since a long time. Even if we did want to meet one or the other was traveling or was busy with neither something nor the other.


Today was a pleasant (according to our weather, not yours) day and we all decided to meet for lunch at the new eatery in town; The Monk’s kitchen!  And it is just a stone’s throw away from home. Our neighborhood is becoming a great hangout for all the foodies in the city.  We have Restaurants, a CCD, Ice-cream parlors, fast foods, sweet shops and a Mc D is on the way.

Monk’s Kitchen has a very upbeat and contemporary style interior, mainly wooing the youth. It is an enterprise started by three young uns. We are not over the hill as yet now are we? And we did have four young girls with us! What a motley group we made….We the Famous Five…Bindiya, Tajinder, Varalakshmi, I and Sunita was a bit under the weather and the girls….Rhea the youngest did us all proud by graduating from Engineering College with good grades and is all ready to fly to Australia to do her PG, Dhanya who is visiting her mom from The US, Sonali the young mom minus her baby and Sunaina, the new DIL.(I missed my daughter :()


The restaurant opened its doors to the public yesterday and here we were already ready to tuck into some delicious fare.You may ask what was so special about the place. Well, ours is a small city and until recently we only got to eat out at typical Indian food restaurants. Now there are a few that serve Asian and Continental food.

More than eating food I like to savor the presentation and let my eyes linger over the colors.As eating out is a rare treat for me I enjoy it to the fullest, taking in the ambiance too.


We started off with the appetizers….Triple Berry blend for the coolers and Tomato Basil Soup. The drinks were served in mini milk bottles which reminded me of my childhood. We used to get milk every morning in these glass bottles which had a striped foil cap. I used to get the bottles from outside and Mom used to let me lick the cream from the underside of the cap!



We all like garlic bread and it was served with a spicy Salsa and a Bruschetta al Pomodoro with a tasty, fragrant topping of tomato and basil.


There was Pan ka Crumbled Paneer with a yummy dip and even the dip with the French Fries was awesome. The waffle sandwich was something that I hadn’t seen before.


Sunaina ordered for Chinese spring vegetable fried rice while I asked for a rice bowl of burnt garlic fried rice accompanied with mushroom salt and pepper. It was flavorsome, piquant and mouth-watering.Sonali said that she liked the Thai red chicken curry & rice

A yummy dessert was needed to end this delectable feast. I have a weakness for chocolate and it was a chocolate mousse which was scrumptious and the waiter got us a complimentary Crème Brulee which was heavenly.


If you want to taste a little bit of heaven then head to Monks Kitchen for lunch. And yes…their pricing is very easy on the pocket.


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