Mango-Yoghurt Pudding


img_2339Summers are here and who can resist the king of fruits-Mango! Small or big, juicy or hard, raw or ripe are chopped and consumed just by themselves or as Juice, shakes, smoothies, lassi, mango custard, ice cream jelly or this delicious Mango-Yoghurt Pudding.

I wanted to try something easy and different and I ended up with a combo of hung yoghurt and mango pulp. It tastes divine if I may say so myself; a no cook, easy-peasy dessert and a winner every time you serve it.Yoghurt is said to be digestive and is also good for losing weight. Here in South India, where I live, no meal is complete without a bowl of plain yogurt or eaten with rice and pickle. What better way then but use it as a cooling  and nutritious dessert in this scorching heat.I set the yoghurt in a ceramic bowl as it turns out much thicker in it.


Mango-Yogurt  Pudding


500grams yogurt (hung)

200gms castor sugar

2 tbsps fresh cream

1 cup Mango Pulp

Few drops of Vanilla Extract

Mango Chunks for topping


Sliced almonds for garnishing


Thick Yogurt




Hang the yogurt in a muslin cloth till you get a thick creamy substance. Do not throw away the whey as it has lots of protein. Gym junkies spend a fortune on whey powders! Use it to make your dough or in any Dal you are cooking.

Transfer the yogurt to a bowl and fold half of the castor sugar. Add a few drops of Vanilla extract to add another rich flavor. Fold in the thick cream.Keep aside.

Chop the mango and blend the rest of the sugar to make a thick puree.

Take individual bowls and put a dollop of the sweet, creamy yogurt . Top it with a spoon of the golden yellow pulp of the mango. Place a few chunks of mango on the top or slivers of almond.

Sit in a quiet corner and savor this bowl of divine ambrosia; Mango-Yoghurt Pudding!




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