Summer Camps


Just three years old( in the center)..making clay roses

Did I tell you that I adore kids? But my grandson lives thousands of miles away! Sigh!! It is summer and the best place to hangout with kids is at summer camps. I visited a few and had good fun watching them frolicking. Busy lifestyle of parents and kids has led to kids being entertained with electronic media like computers, tablets, Smartphones or television. But every kid needs to play outdoors for his or her physical and emotional and mental health.

As an answer to parent’s prayers, numerous summer camps have mushroomed all over the city and there is merriness in the air every morning and evening. Parents can be seen dropping off their kids for some well-needed workout of both body and mind. The vacations are on and kids have a well-deserved respite from books and video games; exams are done and the tweens and teens are footloose and fancy-free. It is time for some fun, creative ways to keep the kids entertained until the new session starts.

The favorite words of kids these days are ‘I am bored’ and these eclectic summer camps help kids to let off steam when the mercury starts soaring. Kids are happy staying glued to the idiot box or the iPads and X-box but then parents have to give them a digital detox from this addiction as it will only lead them to Zombie land.

The world has changed so much in one generation. When we were kids, our parents had to drag us inside the house to get us to stop playing; and now we find it so hard to make our kids go out of the house and play.

Never knew of an indoor baby pool in the city


From swimming, pottery making, swimming, tennis, dance, Indian martial arts, abacus, to storytelling, these summer camps promise to hone all these skills and it exposes them to the goodness of sunlight and fresh air in the outdoors. Outdoor play has become alien these days and these summer camps will provide some much-needed Vitamin D.

Playing   outdoors boosts the cognitive, social and emotional growth of children and enhances their strength, agility, and fitness. The benefit of encouraging outdoor sports in children is that it decreases their dependence on electronic gadgets.


Seven-year-old Shrika, who is otherwise glued to her mom’s iPhone 6s chirped,” I came from Pune to my granny’s house and I love to play and dance here with all these kids.”Kids are in constant need of entertainment and camp is a fun adda that kids love.

upload_-1 (2)

For the fitness freak kids who like the outdoors, Vijayawada club has swimming, tennis, badminton, and chess classes with qualified coaches or trainers. Parents are happy as they provide transport as well and all those hours away from home means away from the gadgets! The kids are given a wholesome and nutritious breakfast in the morning and snacks in the evening.

Parents are in fact attracted to their kids learning freestyle dance classes. Kids these days start shaking a leg as soon as they start taking their first steps and they are so malleable at this young age.

There were kids as young as 3 years old and they were enjoying the company and learning some craft work.

Steer your child to find the right balance between the real and virtual worlds and happy days will be here again when the brats are doing what they are meant to do; have some real fun! Summer camps are fun!










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