Aam Panna or Raw Mango Drink

Aam Panna

Aam Panna or Raw Mango Drink is a real thirst quencher during these sweltering days of summer. Aam Panna is a drink renowned for its heat-resistant properties. It is made from green or raw mangoes and is consumed as a flavoursome and healthy beverage to battle against the intense Indian summer heat.

Aam Panna is prepared using raw mangoes, sugar and an assortment of flavours. It gets a tangy taste from raw mangoes, sweet from the sugar, a little salty and some flavours from spices.

Raw mango

In summer, we tend to drink a lot of water but when the heat gets too much you need to supplement the loss of sodium in the body. If you are going out in the sun then Aam Panna is ideal to guard you against a sun-stroke. Make the puree and refrigerate it and whenever you are thirsty, add some chilled water and ice and your Aam Panna is ready. It is a very refreshing summer cooler made from boiled raw mango.

 Aam Panna or Raw Mango Drink Recipe


1 medium-size green raw mango

1 small cup Sugar

1 tbsp roasted cumin powder

Black salt to taste

Salt to taste

Chilled water

1 tbsp Mint leaves


Roasted Cumin powderAam panna

Aam PannaMethod: Wash the mango and pressure cook it in 4 cups water for up to 5 whistles. You can also boil it in a pan till it is soft, but I find this faster. My mom used to roast it on the coal angithi

Open the cooker and once the mango has cooled, remove the skin and scrape and collect the gooey pulp with the help of a spoon.

I prefer using fresh cumin powder as the aroma of fresh cumin powder is intoxicating. It is very easy to make. Just dry roast the cumin seeds on a hot griddle for a minute or two and with the help of a rolling pin, u can powder it very easily. Believe me, it is worth it to give it a try.

You can use jaggery or demerara sugar instead of regular sugar. I usually use Demerara sugar but the colour changes and I wanted the natural colour of Aam Panna to show in the pictures.

Blend mango pulp along with the salt, black salt, sugar, mint leaves and cumin powder water to a smooth paste. Some people may strain the pulp through a colander but I do not like to do that.

To serve the drink: take a tall glass pour 2 tbsp of the mango puree and pour in chilled water. Add ice cubes and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

I had a glass full of this Summer Drinks# 10- Aam Panna or Raw Mango Drink today when the mercury was touching 42 degrees and believe me, I felt so much better.

Aam Panna

Aam Panna

Try this Aam Panna Iced Tea which is very refreshing or this Mango Mint Iced Tea


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kalpana says:

    Aam panna …like manna from heaven!! You said it and it’s true – a real thirst quencher if there was one! I’m having it too on and off. All your summer coolers are awesome blogs…keep them coming 🙂


    1. Thanks Kalpu….past two days have been sweltering and I have been drinking lots of Aam panna…do u make it the same way? If it is different then please share 🙂


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