Summer-The Heat Is On


Summer is especially warm this year, thanks to global warming .The earth is directly under the sun and its rays are concentrated on the area, drying up ponds and lakes; this has lead to a scarcity of water. For most people around me, it is time for fun as schools break and it is time for some well-deserved vacations.

Most people visit beaches and water parks to relax and unwind themselves under clear skies. For the party rockers, summer time is party time with warm weather; with clear skies, the summer hosts a very bright moon, ideal for parties and barbecues.

For us in South India summer is much disliked, due to discomfort caused by the high heat levels. We try to keep indoors and have cold beverages to keep ourselves hydrated as we constantly perspire.

I wonder how people work outdoors to earn their livelihood!


I love summer season because of the mangoes, palm fruits, muskmelons, lychee, and watermelons. The endless glasses of iced tea, fresh juices, sherbets, and shakes are all worth it but I am missing my roasted corn on the cob.

I am waiting for the season to change and the rains will come with the whiff of fresh corn being roasted on fiery coals!


Summer-The Heat Is On-What do you prefer, the summer coolants or the rainy roasting?

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  1. Kalpana says:

    Each season comes with its own special touch….the heat brings with it the King of fruits- mangoes galore… every size ,shape,colour and taste!! I’m immersed in its world…my house smells of ripening mangoes….as my organic bazar sells them half ripe and I have straw in a basket just to ripen them :)) This is enough to take me on a nostalgic journey of my childhood home. And monsoon will bring the smell of wet earth with its own romanticism!!:))


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