Taati Munjalu or Ice Apple Sherbet-Summer Drinks #9


IMG_0161Summer Drinks #9-Taati Munjalu or Ice Apple Sherbet is very cooling and it is surely a much better alternative to grabbing a soda pop. A soda pop may cool you down for a few seconds but then it is loaded with artificial colors and flavors, sweetened with high fructose corn syrup and comes in a plastic bottle. When the mercury is soaring, you can cool down in a healthier way by concocting your own summer drinks at home!

The best way to maintain your cool in the summer months is to make sure your body is properly hydrated and sparkling water can do most of the magic, nothing else; so drink up! I have noticed that drinking homemade drinks makes me feel lighter, less bloated and puffy and I handle the dreadfully hot weather better.

If you are hydrated then you are full of beans and your skin stays supple you can easily eliminate toxins. Fatigue in summer is due to dehydration and you could be dehydrated even if you are sitting indoors; all the more reason to intake fluids during summer when we tend to perspire more and lose more water.


Any fresh, sweet fruit or fruit juices will provide nutrition and keep the body cool. As I already shared- Watermelon juice, fresh sugarcane juice, Gond katira sherbet, Roohafza and coconut water are very beneficial. By having at least one of these a couple of times a day, you will notice an incredible difference in how you react to the high temperature.

I have already shared this summer fruitSummer Fruit-Taati Munjalu or Palm fruit or Ice Apple. I had said I would share pictures of the whole fruit and here they are…

upload_-1 (8)upload_-003

upload_-1 (7)

Today I made this Taati Munjalu or Palm fruit or Ice apple sherbet and found it very refreshing. I just love the pinky pink colour too.



1 dozen Munjalu or Ice apples peeled and cooled.

1 cup cold milk

4 cups water

Sugar as desired

1 heaped tbsp Roohafza or any rose syrup of your choice.

Ice Cubes




Take eight Ice apples and blend them in a mixer or with a hand blender.

Chop the rest of the ice apples and keep aside.

Add milk, water, sugar and Roohafza to the pureed ice apples and blend well.

Take a glass and add the chopped Munjalu. Add the blended sherbet and top with ice cubes. Serve chilled. Sip the chilled sherbet and nibble on the Ice apple chunks….just divine!


Did you like Summer Drinks #9-Taati Munjalu or Ice Apple Sherbet? Do you have a favorite cooling summer drink? I’d love to know what your favorite is; please share.


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  1. Kalpana says:

    That’s a great way to have taati munjalu!! Though I love them as such , this juice looks like a good one to have when your thirsty. Made and kept chilled it will be a thirst buster for sure …going to try…today!! Though i shall use the Aam panna concentrate instead of the rose flavour:)


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