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This one-Pot Meal of Mushroom-Carrot-Noodles was a last minute shot to rustle up some lunch and quell the rumblings in my tummy.

I had a really harassing morning trying to finish mundane odd-jobs and in spite of trying my best to wrap up things they were only multiplying. Breakfast was a dry toast with green tea and lunch seemed far away and an onerous task.

At such moments, I can’t think of any traditional or regular recipe to cook. I found some fresh button mushrooms and carrots in the refrigerator but that would not make for a filling lunch, would it? Then I trudged to the pantry and found a Patanjali Atta noodles packet which I had picked up randomly, hiding in a corner. I picked it up and an onion and placed a wok on the stove.

Why is it called a one-pot meal? A one pot meal is one that is fuss-free, cooked in a single pot or wok with melded flavours to create a concoction that is exotic. Bachelor’s and college students used to cook one-pot, then where do I fit in? Quick meals, simple and often right out of the box. It is a great concept; just one pot to wash, and who cared about the taste. But I do! My meal has got to be more than just palatable.

Newbie’s to cooking will enjoy the simple method and flexibility to make this portion size meal with whatever ingredients are available. There is not much cleaning up to do later on and with the pot on the flame and the chopping done alongside.

Recipe for Mushroom-Carrot-Noodles


100gms button mushrooms chopped into half

2 carrots chopped into roundels

1 onion chopped into wedges

1 packed instant noodles boiled and drained

2 tbsp Schezwan Sauce

½ tsp chilli flakes

½ tsp mixed herbs (Oregano, Thyme, Basil)

1tbsp Olive Oil

Salt to taste

A hungry tummy!

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Heat a wok and add the Olive oil.

Add the onion wedges till pink. Sauté and add the mushrooms and carrot.

Stir the veggies till done and add the chilli flakes and mixed herbs. Add a pinch of salt; add the boiled noodles and the schezwan sauce.

Toss nicely till the veggies and noodles are a homogeneous mass. Transfer onto a plate or like me in a bowl and fork in!



My lunch finally….the yoghurt is to calm the fire of  the shezwan sauce 🙂

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