Mango Juice-King of Juices/Summer Drinks #7

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Summer Drinks #7- King of Juices- Mango Juice is made from luscious, fresh, juicy mangoes. The mango is the national fruit of India. The beginning of summer in South India or the whole of peninsular India is marked by the beginning of mango season. The combination of soaring temperatures and these sweet, juicy fruits in the market sends the entire country into a tizzy!

The only thing to look forward to in summer is the advent of mangoes. Mango is very rightly known as the King of fruits. India is the largest producer and exporter of Mangoes in the world. India produces some 10 million tons of mangoes annually and consumes most of them as there is hardly any left to export!

India is home to the finest mangoes in the world and my state Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of mangoes in India. Did you know that giving someone a basket of mangoes is considered a gesture of friendship?


Chinna rasalu (small juicy) is the most popular juicy mangoes grown here. Chinna rasalu comes from the Nuzvid region of Andhra. Nuzvid is well known for its mangoes, which are exported worldwide. This mango is extremely sweet and delicious when ripe and for me the best in the world. I have such wonderful memories of my childhood attached to this royal fruit. It has an exclusive sweetness which is very addictive. My mom used to buy mangoes by the dozens and cool them in a bucket of water and ice. We kids were dressed down to our chemises and then given the mangoes to eat as the juice invariable trickled down and stained our dresses and mind you it is next to impossible to remove the mango stain. We ate to our heats content and yet drooled after them morning noon and night.

Once a  chinna rasalu lover always a china rasalu lover and the love oozes by liters and pounds. Even If you sang praises about the Alphonso, you will only get a glassy stare as it can never compare!!

Buying a mango is very easy; just pick one and sniff; a perfectly ripe mango will have a passionate and profound sweet smell.

Mango can be used in numerous ways; make juices, smoothies, mango lassi, ice cream, fruit bars, with custard, mango shake.

Mango fruit drinks are quite popular in India, with brands such as Frooti, Maaza, and Slice. They include sugar and artificial flavors, so they do not qualify as “juice” under Food Safety and Standards Authority of India regulations but still people keep guzzling bottles of them as if they were fresh juice. I can never get myself to drink any of them.

In the West Indies, the expression “to go mango walk” means to steal another person’s mango fruits then I have been on innumerable mango walks! Our neighborhood was full of mango drinks and every summer afternoon when the aunties would be taking their siesta, our gang of siblings and cousins would climb the trees and stealthily pluck the mangoes in the neighborhood.

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To make Summer Drinks #7- King of Juices- Mango Juice…..

3 juice of chinna rasalu or juicy mangoes

1 small cup sugar

1 pitcher of chilled water

Ice cubes

Wash the mangoes well and leave then in water for 15 minutes.

Remove from water and squeeze the juice of the mangoes into a bowl.

Add sugar and use the hand blender to make a smooth puree.

Add the chilled water and make a juice consistency

Store the pitcher in the refrigerator and pour yourself a glass whenever you are thirsty.

Add ice cubes if you so desire. lay back, relax and sip and savor slowly.

Homemade Summer Drinks #7- King of Juices- Mango Juice is any day better than the store bought packs!

The king of fruit rules!

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