My articles in the Times Of India-This House Will Bowl You Over


My first article for the Vijayawada Times!

Except for the bedrooms, the rest of the house barely has any walls. They have an open mandir where Lord Ganesha reigns supreme and two dining areas. Padma says, “We have one for formal occasions and the other family dining area in the open kitchen which has all the modern frills and warmth of the family sharing their day together.”

The doctor’s favorite hobby and sport is cricket and he asked his architect to leave space for a cricket pitch on the terrace, even before he could talk about plans for his clinic. Lots of research has gone in to get a professional working pitch with Astro-turf and flood lights that don’t throw shadows on the sacred 22-yard turf area. The pitch being on the roof, the ball could go soaring anywhere and to enclose the area they have used sturdy fishnet which has been custom made from a reputed company. Following their illustrious dad’s footsteps, both the sons, Dheeraj and Priyatam too are surgeons and have played cricket professionally, having represented the state and University teams. Matches are usually played at night as a release from the frenzied pace of the day and to avoid the scorching Vijayawada heat. There is a comfortable lounge and shower too for the players and a well-fitted home gym with all the necessary paraphernalia.

As soon as you get off the lift, the tinkling sound of the chimes and water fountains and the colorful pinwheels spinning in the breeze are like nirvana. With the panoramic view of the city, the exceptionally well-kept garden presents an idyllic setting for their morning tea or just to unwind at the end of the day. A small sign board in the plants rightly states, “Garden of Love”. A raised platform like a stage is where they have musical and dance performances to entertain and be entertained by family and friends. The foyer is well furnished and comfortable for guests while they wait.

The living room is spacious and has huge French doors to give a sweeping view of the garden outside, the wide open sky and the hills in the distance. Each and every objet d’art placed in the niches is memorabilia collected by Padma on her sojourns abroad. She has her favorite piped music playing all over the house while the others are out at work. Dr.Prashanth, who by nature is a humble and soft person, discloses that “Every room, has three light settings-bright, medium and soft, as I like to change the setting according to my moods.”

But the most lived-in room in the house is the home theater and bar which is separated only by curtains from the main are of the house. The techie in the house is Priyatam, the younger son, who is doing his MS in General Surgery. He has fitted the home theater with a 7.1 speaker system, a projector and a collection of more than 300 movies. The family loves to lounge around  here and watch TV or movies on the big screen while flopping on the soft bean bags or snuggling up on the sofa.

The sporty and quirky personality of each member of the family stands out through the creative and vivid elements without giving a mandatory or overwhelming feeling, making it a truly tailor made home.







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