The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall-Book review


The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall is a lesser known book but the message in it sweeps across nations , cultures and creeds.The book is short but thought provoking and it highlights the ups and downs of life and is actually a guidebook for the youth. It starts off rather tamely with an old man on his death bed wanting to hand over his legacy in the right hands rather than his good for nothing sons or covetous relatives. He finds a spark of the qualities he is seeking, in his nephew, Jason Stevens, who at first comes across as a spoilt brat but with the 12 awesome gifts from his uncle, he is metamorphosed from a raw uncut stone to a flawless, polished diamond.

The title page starts with-“What would you be willing to do in order to inherit one billion dollars?”
Each of the 12 gifts showcase the true reality of our complex lives. The Gen Y take everything for granted-  family,friends,love, life,knowledge, work or money. Veritably work is worship! No wonder it is said that “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.”

This book drives home the point so well. Take a daily wage earner for example -at the end of the day he has a smile on his face and relishes every morsel of his sparse meal and enjoys a full night’s sleep on the pavement, under a canopy of stars, whereas a tycoon is probably suffering from heart burn, BP, Diabetes and insomnia in his palatial mansion.
If I had my way I would make it mandatory for every youngster at the age of 20, to take a break from his/her studies and practice all these 12 gifts. Jason, the protagonist at the end of the book says.” I am going to find a way to use every element of the Ultimate Gift and I am going to find a way to pass it on to deprived people who were like I was a year ago. I had no idea that the greatest gift anyone could be given is to give them awareness, of all the greatest gifts they already have!”

The Ultimate Gift would make a youngster into a perfect human being  endowed with empathy, tolerance, confidence and dignity of labour and empower them to make the world a better place to live in for themselves and for the rest of humanity.I highly recommend this book, Ultimate Gift, to all youngsters who want tp lead a meaningful life.


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  1. Kalpana says:

    Does sound like a book on life lessons for all. Life does pass by without meaning if one does not stop to smell the flowers….our companions in life maybe many but how many actually remember us when we pass away if we do not connect with them now.


  2. Yes, Kalpana! But this is for the young generation who have lost the values of sharing and caring. I wish we could make it compulsory for all the youth around the world.


    1. Kalpana says:

      The young have too many things on their mind…distractions right and left…reading may not even be first choice for spending free time on!!:)


  3. It is a short book and if it is included in the curriculum they won’t have a choice, will they?? 🙂


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