Kitty Party Luncheon


Spicy Pickles-Not for the faint hearted


Our Kitty party Luncheon is an elaborate 3 to 4-course spread.Continuing from the previous posting let me share the exotic and sumptuous buffet that we get to devour at our Tambola Kitty Party.


As our theme was Holi, it called for a rich and lavish menu that was planned and served that day. Welcome drink was a strawberry crush topped with a soda pop.


While everyone arrived, they are first asked to make the payment and then pick a chit and sit in the group they have chosen. We had four groups….Haryali, Gulabi, Ferozi and Kesari…Indian names for the colors…Green, Pink, Blue and Saffron respectively.

While everyone was arriving, soup and snacks were served; a steaming hot Man chow soup with glass noodles ,Stuffed green long pepper and Paneer (cottage cheese) fingers starters. We start the games on the dot of 12.30 and those who come late have to miss out on the game.


Don’t miss the size of the Green Chili!


The sorority is very particular about timing and the rules have to be crystal clear or else it would end up in utter chaos in such a large group. After the games, the lunch is served, which is a gastronomic delight. Let me list out the menu-

Roasted Vegetarian 1000 island salad

Bhatura and Tandoori Parantha in the bread section

Amritsari Chole

Saagwala Murgh or Spinach Chicken

Gulari Biryani with Raita or yogurt dip


Rainbow Noodles

Vegetarian Chow Chow

Guntur aloo and gobhi fry (potato and cauliflower)

Madrasi Sambar

Beetroot rasam

Steamed Rice


Two types of pickles-Gongura, lemon and fresh pachidi

Fresh Yoghurt to cushion the fire of the chillies!

Dessert was a three colored Rangoli Halwa.


How much can one eat!! Lunch gives the ladies time to circulate and catch up with the others. Everyone just disperses after this smorgasbord. One ends up taking a siesta after eating such a banquet at the Kitty party Luncheon.Bt we all burn it off one way or the other 🙂



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kalpana says:

    That menu will fatten someone who looks at it…forget eating it!! Chilly bajjis …now that’s an all time fvourite of mine. Those look like an engrossed bunch of ladies …..something interesting has kept them hooked looks like!!


  2. We have it every month :p I know it’s really fattening but once in a way it’s ok to indulge, isn’t it?
    The ladies are playing my crazy ideas of Holi Tambola :p


  3. Kalpana says:

    Was mentioning about your games to a friend she has kitty parties too …she seemed interested! Told her to read your blog if she wanted details:D


  4. Hahahaha….thank you! These are nothing, there are many more.


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