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Holi Colours

Holi Themed Tambola Games will help if you want to throw a Holi party.  KittyParties were once known as Catty parties, where all women did was gossip and show off their designer wear. We have come a long way from that. I feel that now women find comfort and solace with their soul sisters at these soirees we call’kitty parties’.

Many girls and women, who are eating lunch out together, turn their noses up at the mention of kitty party and would rather say that they were hanging out or grabbing a bite or having a get-together or just catching up with each other. Whatever the tag the end is the same…..we women need to chill with our sisterhood!

In present-day times, Kitty parties have come of age, it’s not just married women but men also indulge in it. We now have kitty parties that cut across genders, age groups and interest with young dudes having their own kitties, men having their stag kitties, couples and even young girls also part of kitty parties.

Best thing is Kitties have also gone beyond the money dealing culture and are now about interests and activities. There are now travel kitties, jewellery, car, etc kitty groups that indulge in more stimulating activities. People who have like-minded interests come together and interact with things they may have in common.

Like our group of 60 ladies (yes 60) “Cool Girls” have come together to form a group of just pure fun. We meet at a popular hotel on the Wednesday of the third week of the month. We collect a nominal sum that covers lunch and games which have cash prizes. We congregate at 12.30 sharp and after the games, we have a sumptuous spread to appease our hungry tummies.


We have made 12 groups of five each and one group hosts the games every month. We started off by playing simple Tambola, also known as Bingo or Housie. The Western world calls it Bingo but we in India, Pakistan, and other South East Asian countries prefer to call this game of luck as Tambola. This simple game has evolved into mind-boggling theme games. The hosts come out with their own tickets and versions of the game. Last month the theme was Valentine’s Day and next was our turn. I wanted to do something unique as normal is boring, so we took the theme of the Holi-the festival of colours (Holi is on 23rd of this month) and set our games around this vibrant theme.-Holi Themed Tambola Games

Holi Tambola

The five of us were supposed to come up with new ideas but Bindiya flew to Sydney to welcome her first granddaughter. That left us with just four- Sunita, Tajinder, Varalakshmi and I! We had a couple of brainstorming sessions and came up with a few ideas. A couple were finalized while others were tossed out. We decided to divide the ladies into four groups…Haryali (Green), Gulabi(Pink), Kesari (Saffron) and Firozi (blue) and have them share the winning amount.

Holi Themed Tambola

We came up with three Tambola games…of course with a twist and three individual games. The first game was Rangon Ka Tyohaar or Festival of Colours. We took copies of a pair of hands and coloured the fingers in different colours. Numbers were written on the fingers and palms. Whoever finished a pair of thumbs or a pair of Pinkies would win an amount. The twist in this game was that 1 to 0 numbers were given different colour names and instead of numbers we would call out a colour; for e.g. the number was 6 then we called out purple as that was the colour given for 6. This detail was given in the index. The palms too had prizes and the full house was when you finished ticking off all the numbers in both hands and said Rangon Ka Tyohaar.

The next Tambola game was hilarious. It had fifteen blanks which you had to fill with appropriate numbers from the tambola ticket you have. Whoever won any line or the full house had to read out the answers! After that, I selected five questions and asked; like the most number of boyfriends and one lady had written 86! It was a total laugh riot

couple Tambola

I got married at the age of ________ with ______years old boy.

We have ____ children.

I have _____ boyfriends.

I kiss my husband ________times in a day.

I take bath  ________ times in a year.

I am busy on WhatsApp _______ % of my time.

I fight with my husband ______ times in a month.

I tell my husband to watch TV only _________times in a day.

Before going to sleep my husband says I Love You _______times.

My husband prepares _______% food.

My husband snores almost _______ times while sleeping.

My husband listens to me _______% to whatever I say.

We have already celebrated __________anniversary with _________guests.


The third game was Rang Barse….we took printouts of 6 Pichkaris or Water squirting guns and wrote numbers on them. The claims would be on individual colour guns and any combinations of two colours.

Holi Tambola

Then there was the individual game; we placed four bowls with different colour powders in each. Every colour was given points like Pink is 3 or red is 2. Each lady had to apply two colours on herself. Then we asked them to pick a chit out of three..+ – and x. If you picked minus and you had applied Pink 3 and Red 2 ..then the result would be 3-2=1 and those who got the multiplication would be the winner.

The second individual game was very simple but tricky. We distributed blank papers and coloured pens to all participants and asked them to draw as many circles as they can within one minute. The coloured pens were taken away and they were given one more minute to write Happy Holi inside the circle as many as they can write. Only those words that fit in the circle would be counted. The winner was the one who wrote more number of words inside the circle. You can change the words according to the occasion; you can ask them to write names of their husbands or kids or a movie name, etc.

 Holi Game

Happy Holi was the name of the next game. We gave the ladies a few clues written on a paper whose answer was a colour. One minute was given to write down the answers and the one with the most right answers was the winner.

HAPPY HOLI …Answer with colours-

1.Religious place in Punjab
2.Name of a cake
3.A punishment
4.Brand of whiskey
5.A  Fruit
6.A sea
8.Gents shoes
10.Shoe polish
11.Lord Shiva

Can you guess the answers?

These were the games we played under our Holi themed Tambola. If you liked them then hit the like button below or leave a comment.

Check out my next post for all the exotic and yummy food that was served.

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  1. verushka143 says:

    I love the idea of a Kitty party.Often see it in Bollywood movies and series.


  2. We have lots of fun Verushka 🙂


  3. Kalpana says:

    Jeet!!! I loved the games…..novel and so unique :)! and must have been a fun filled kitty party:) I’ve noted down the games…am using them at some point…thank you in advance for the ideas. Tummy aching hilarious, that fill in the blank game!!:D:D . A high five to your group…..a lot of thought has gone into the themed games!


  4. Thank you, Kalpana! Makes me wonder why kitty parties are looked down upon. Ours is pure fun and you have to use your brains too.We use our brains to come up with the ideas too and this helps in keeping the brain in action or it would get rusted.You don’t have to thank me for the ideas as I wanted to share them, that’s why I posted them 🙂


  5. Reshma says:

    Many of my games are from here only.too gud,would love something funny and new games for all ages.


  6. Reshma says:

    Nice games


    1. Thanks Reshma 🙂 I will be adding more soon


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