Your Birthday is Always Special



“Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of ‘you’ to the world.”Whatever the sceptics say Your Birthday is Always Special!Birthdays give us a chance to review a year of regeneration, a year of advancement, a year of insight. These past few years have been consequential in so many ways and the last year has been a year of personal growth and mental personality changes. I have changed a little; hope for the better. I have started to think about myself for a change, taking life a wee bit easier than the past ten years. I just know that it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years and after the hardships of the past years, I see a tiny sunray lighting up my life. I do not regret any of the struggles I have been through as I feel that it has honed my personality for the better.

This birthday is pointing the way to the future and unfolding how I view relationships. I used to cling to relationships and feel devastated when anyone moved away. I am learning how to detach myself and shrug off people’s acerbic comments. YOU are important; whatever anybody says or does to you is not worth any tears.


How was this birthday special? Well…my kids wishes at the stroke of 12, watching my grandson play on skype, Esha, my daughter sent me a bouquet of chocolates. I have been flooded with an avalanche of birthday wishes and spent half the day with my friends. The only way to have a friend is to be one!

We are five friends ( Bindiya, Sunita, Varalakshmi, Tajinder and I) and we are known frivolously as famous five; friends since 33 years! When it is the birthday of one of us the other 4 treat the birthday girl. I think it is a great way of feeling special on your birthday rather than the birthday girl throwing a party. The birthday girl gets to choose what to do and where to go! I hadn’t been to Barbeque Nation and that’s where we went to have lunch.

Before that we went to a designer sale at the Taj Hotel. We walked in all hoity-toity, looked down our noses at the couture wear, smirked at the prices and walked out!


We walked into Barbeque Nation and were greeted and seated warmly by the stewards. They have this grill right on the table and they get skewers of meat, fish or vegetables for you to eat, roasting hot. I was skeptical about Grilled veg food and I thought I would be bamboozled into getting a tiny peck of food. I was flabbergasted to see the spread; grilled mushrooms, corn with peppers, Cottage cheese, pineapple, potatoes and so on with spicy dips. How much can one eat? The waiters are trained to cajole you into tasting everything and more. They were hovering around and replenishing the empty skewers. Non-vegetarians had grilled, chicken, prawns, fish. The glazed pineapple with a dash of cinnamon was delectable and so was tiny grilled sweet bread. All this was washed down with Virgin Mojitos.

IMG_8268IMG_8270IMG_8269IMG_8273IMG_8275IMG_8276The starters had us full but we were beckoned to the main course- it was a smorgasbord. I did not take any pictures of the buffet as I was too full already. I took a tiny amount of noodles and baby corn Manchuria and played around with it.  There was a lot of oohs and aahs about the food and clutching full tummies but the desserts were feeling left out and we went to pay them our attention; brownies dripping with chocolate sauce, semolina kheer, angoori gulab jamun, kesri rabdi served in cute clay bowls,orange cake, strawberry soufflé, coffee cake, vanilla and strawberry ice cream with toppings and kulfi in different flavors. A lick here and a slurp there was all we could manage. We were satiated with the starters itself but the sweet talking waiters got the better of us.


As soon as we entered I saw Bindiya whispering something into the waiter’s ear but I didn’t know what and after lunch when I saw the waiters with a cute cake, I understood. I cut the cake and to my astonishment the waiters broke into song and dance. I felt like a kid, it was embarrassing on one hand but they were so good and we all applauded them. We dragged our feet and left the restaurant lethargically but at the mention of some retail therapy, we had a spring in our step. We then proceeded to our usual adda (den) Sunita’s house; sprawled over the living room amidst cups of green tea and another cake cutting- Burp!!

Just remember that Your Birthday is Always Special!






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