Aloo Tikki or Potato Cutlet


Today’s Aloo Tikki or Potato Cutlet is an anytime snack and popular all over India. Potato is my favourite tuber and I love to have it in any form. They can shoo away your hunger pangs any time of the day as they are very filling and satisfying. Potatoes are a versatile food; can be baked, fried, mashed, boiled, or sauteed.( I looOOoOve potato wafers but I cannot afford to eat them any more L)

In North India, aloo tikki or Potato cutlet is usually deep fried and served with spicy chickpea curry, garnished with onions, and served with mint chutney but I believe in healthy, simple, easy cooking, hence, these cutlets are shallow fried in a non-stick pan.

This aloo tikki is slightly crisp on the outside and warm and gooey inside, infused with the aroma of garam masala and fresh coriander leaves. The thought only will have you salivating. Both my kids love potatoes and I always had to churn out tasty and healthy snacks for them. I never used to give them store bought snacks. I used to boil potatoes and keep them in the fridge to be used as and when they wanted to eat anything. I could make potato sandwiches, aloo paranthas, tikkis or even stir fried potato curry. Boiled potatoes always came in handy especially for my daughter who always had these aloo tikki cravings!


3 medium sized potatoes, boiled and grated

½ tsp red chilli powder

1 to 2 green chilies, finely chopped (skip the chillies if you are making it for kids)

½ tsp pav bhaji masala or garam masala (Indian spice powder)

2 tsp chopped coriander leaves

2 tbsp oil

Salt to taste

2 tbsp Semolina



First, boil potatoes till they are soft. Drain the water, let cool and peel.

Now grate the potatoes. I like to grate  rather than mash them as they become a smooth bind when grated. You can chop and mash them too if you want to with a potato masher. You can add boiled green peas, sweet corn or carrot to the potatoes. If you are deep frying the tikkis then you will need to bind the potato mixture with corn flour and roll the patties in breadcrumbs and then fry. I add leftover bread slices instead of corn flour and instead of breadcrumbs I fold the cutlets in semolina.

To the grated potatoes, add the spice powders, salt and coriander leaves. Mix everything nicely like dough.

Divide the mixture into small balls and make medium shaped round patties or you can make different shapes with a sandwich cutter to appeal to kids.

Heat a non-stick griddle or pan and drizzle a little oil

Gently place the aloo tikkis on the hot griddle and shallow fry them.

When one side of tikki becomes golden and crisp, flip it over and fry the other side of tikki.

Once done, then drain the aloo tikkis on paper towels to remove excess oil.

Serve hot aloo tikki with coriander chutney or just ketchup.

You can use these tikkis to make veg burgers too.

Aloo Tikki or Potato Cutlet is a sure fire hit every time I make them. You should try them too..




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