Easy Cooking Ideas for Singles#50- Methi-aloo or Fenugreek-Potato Curry



With today’s Easy Cooking Ideas for Singles#50- Methi-aloo or Fenugreek-Potato Curry, I have scored half a century of easy cooking ideas! Wow! Now that is a milestone that I am celebrating with this awesomely easy recipe.

Methi or fenugreek leaves are an important ingredient in Indian Punjabi households. It is used in almost every dal, paratha or curry. It lowers blood cholesterol, reduces risk of heart disease, controls blood sugar levels so diabetics must include methi (either in the form of seeds or leaves) in their diet. It helps you lose weight if you chew soaked methi seeds in the morning on an empty stomach.

Guess what I got while reading about the goodness of Fenugreek; you need not spend a fortune on silicon boobs as it helps slightly increase breast size. The oestrogen property of fenugreek helps in breast enlargement by balancing hormones in women! :p

I am using fenugreek seeds to resolve my falling hair problem. Make a paste of fenugreek seeds and directly apply on your hair to make your hair shiny and black or massage your head with fenugreek seeds paste soaked overnight in coconut oil thinning of hair and hair fall.

This Punjabi methi aloo sabzi or curry is made with minimal ingredients and was my mom’s favorite recipe. Potato is the king of vegetables and so versatile that it can be combined with anything. Potatoes and methi leaves make a great combo. Fenugreek is available mostly during the winters and one should make the most of it during the season.

This recipe is very flavorful and a little bitter too( it is an acquired taste).It hardly needs any spices and is a dry vegetable curry that can be eaten with roti (I love it with rice). My mother-in-law used to make it in mustard oil as it enhances the flavor of fenugreek. If I find baby potatoes in the market then that is what I use for this curry. Just wash the potatoes well and toss them in with the fenugreek leaves, without skinning them. If the fenugreek bunches are fresh and small then you can just chop them up but if the bunches are bigger and leaves are not tender then just pluck the leaves off the stems.


2 cups of chopped methi leaves/fenugreek leaves

4 potatoes diced

½ tsp red chili powder

¼ tsp turmeric powder (optional)

1 ½ tbsp Oil

Salt to taste



Wash the leaves thoroughly under running water for more than a couple of times so that there is no trace of mud.Peel and chop the potatoes into small cubes or squares.

In a Kadhai or wok, heat the oil.  Add the washed fenugreek leaves and sauté till the water is reduced. Now add the potatoes and sauté. Cook on simmer but do not cover with a lid as the bitterness will increase. Add salt and chilli powder when almost done. Once the curry is nice and dry, turn off the flame.

Serve the methi aloo with roti or flat bread or steamed rice. I do not have roti or rice these days, so I had it with a bowl of fresh homemade yoghurt and radish.


Note: If there is any leftover curry then use it to make yummy sandwiches for breakfast.

This Easy Cooking Ideas for Singles#50- Methi-aloo or Fenugreek-Potato Curry is nutrition packed and should be on your menu! If you avoid potatoes then you can have methi-mutter. My daughter is not eating carbs and she eats fenugreek leaves with green peas instead of potatoes.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nkechi Ajaeroh says:

    This recipe appears yummy. Am hungry just looking at it. I am going to try it. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes that you have continued to share with us!


    1. Thank u Nkechi for liking my posts. It is my utmost pleasure to share them with you 🙂


  2. Kalpana says:

    The little methi/fenugreek seed packs a punch:)) this sabzi is my favourite too….and I use methi leaves in some form or the other throughout the season…in dal, in parathas, with vegetable and its bitter taste is its USP!! Congratulations on hitting half a century of blogs this time round:)) looking out for this space in the future!


  3. Thank u Kalpana :* You are so good for uplifting me and keeping me motivated. Yes, methi sure is my favorite too and I miss it in the summers.


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