My Article in the Times of India # 1-The House of Adenium

My Article in the Times of India # 1-The House of Adenium


Today’s blog My Articles in the Times of India-The House of Adenium is one of my articles published yesterday. I have never blogged about my articles till now but then today is a good enough days I guess! I love to write and the few articles published in the Times of India are mainly, features on homes and gardens.

I love interiors and also gardens. This is a home of my friend Padmaja and I am thankful to her for letting me into her dwelling and sharing it with all of us. “Love for gardening is like a seed that, once sown, never dies and gives you infinite pleasure in return,” says, Padmaja Yerneni, proud owner of an enchanting garden. Gardens are like a living canvas that can be painted in splashes of color with natural instincts.


Padmaja is a storehouse of knowledge about these plants and rattles of information about them. She refers to each plant by its name, amusing names; Lipstick, full moon circle, Fatima, Santa Claus and her favorite Arabicums. First the plant should be grown in a large pot and once it is grown, it can be repotted into a shallow pot to enhance its beauty. Through bullet grafting, she has flowers of different colors blooming on the same plant. Pruning and grafting should be done in February, she says The Adenium growing in the shallow containers looked like bonsais but like bonsai, they do not need all the pruning and wiring to miniaturize it.


Padmaja picked up her first Adenium from her dad and later multiplied them. “Adenium is also known as desert rose that is slow in growing but a long-living low maintenance plant. The exquisite flowers of Adenium and their fascinating bottle-shaped trunk or caudices, mesmerize me and I am passionate about them,” says Padmaja. Some of the plants are 30 years old and they are considered to be lucky plants, according to her. They need to be watered only once in ten days, as it takes nourishment from the caudices.

Tips to grow Adenium

  1. Before starting a garden, have a plan as some plants need more sunlight, some only morning while few prefer to bask in the shade.
  2. Adenium need at least 8 hours of sunlight.
  3. Bonsais need front and back sunlight.
  4. If you have less sunlight then go for indoor plants.
  5. Adenium need to be watered only once in 4 days in winter and once every 2 days in summer, preferably in the morning before 8am.
  6. Bonsais need watering twice a day and with a sprayer as it takes water even from the leaf.
  7. Repot bonsais only when there has been continuous rain for a couple of days.
  8. February is the right time for pruning Adenium. Spray the plant with Blitex to avoid rotting.
  9. Repotting for Adenium in Vijayawada, should be done in February. Remove the whole plant by the roots, dust off all the soil and hang it in a barn for 20 days. It will not damage the plant instead lead to profuse flowering in summer. After repotting water after two days.
  10. After repotting you can do the grafting. A desirable scion from one colored plant can be grafted onto a strong stem of another plant with a different colored flower to create miracle plants with diverse flowers growing on them.



The caudex looks so much like Lord Ganesha! Nature is magical!

I plan to carry on this series of My Article in the Times of India. Hope you like them!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kalpana says:

    Passions come in every hue….gardening giving one of the most sublime and down to earth feelings of them all. This blog just brought to mind some home gardens I’ve seen in Bangalore……taken care of like children with love and attention showered on them. Adenium stems look like they have taken a human form!! Hats off to the lady in the story:)


  2. Thanks, Kalpana…..Yes, there is lots of hard work and patience behind a beautiful landscape. Gardens need to be tended like babies or they just won’t shoot up. I was amazed the way Padmaja was showing us how to graft or prune the adenium.


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