Easy Cooking ideas for singles# 34- Baby corn -Mushroom on a bed of Hakka Noodles

 Baby corn -Mushroom on a bed of Hakka Noodles


The Easy Cooking idea for singles# 34- Baby corn -Mushroom on a bed of Hakka Noodles, was just a flash in the pan recipe. It was New Year’s Eve and I was going to stay at home and I wanted to eat something exotic. I had no clue what I was going to cook. I just saw what I had in the pantry and set about concocting a different dish. There was baby corn, mushrooms, a packet of Hakka noodles, schezwan sauce and some herbs; I set to work with these. This was my dinner last night…..


200 gms baby corn

Few button mushrooms

1 onion diced finely

10 cloves garlic crushed

Few chopped garlic greens

4 tbsp schezwan sauce

Mixed herbs( oregano, basil, thyme)

Chilli flakes

2 tsp olive oil

Few drops of Vinegar

Salt to taste

Orange-red food colour( optional)

1 pkt Hakka Noodles

1-liter water

1 tsp Oil



Boil the noodles in the one-liter water. Add a little salt. Hakka noodles are thick so do not overcook them. Remove from pan and strain. Add one spoon oil to the noodles so that they do not stick. Simultaneously make the baby corn sauce mixture as the noodles should stay hot.

Chop the baby corns into two or three pieces, wash and blanch them. In a bowl marinate the baby corn and the mushroom with half the crushed garlic, vinegar, mixed herbs, chilli flakes and salt to taste. Add a little food colour if you like. Keep aside for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile in a pan, heat the remaining olive oil, add the crushed garlic and chopped onion and sauté lightly adding the herbs and chilli flakes and 2 tbsp of schezwan sauce. Add the marinated baby corn, mushrooms and toss well. Once the baby corn is done, add a cup of water. Once the water boils, add the corn flour slowly till the sauce thickens. Remove from fire.

Take a platter and pile on the noodles. Now pour the baby corn sauce mixture over the noodles. Garnish with garlic greens or spring onion and tuck in right away into the goodness!

If you find the noodles bland with this method then add the noodles to the baby corn and mix nicely. Either way, the taste is awesome.

I had a huge mug of iced tea with the noodles and rounded off with some handmade chocolates! Good enough dinner for New year’s Eve, isn’t it?

Did you like this Easy Cooking idea for singles# 34- Baby corn -Mushroom on a bed of Hakka Noodles? Do leave a note below if you did…thank you.






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