Quesadillas with Cottage Cheese or Paneer


Quesadillas with Cottage Cheese or Paneer is the recipe of the day. My culinary skills are limited to mostly Indian recipes and if you can call it another country then definitely Chindian (Indian Chinese) food.  I rustle up some Mocktails here and few desserts there that are not Indian sweets or mithai.After all these years of cooking, you might think I am done with learning. No, not at all. I believe that learning is a never-ending process. Whatever I cooked for the kids or the husband was relished and polished off.  My son is married to a Mexican and Karina, my daughter-in-law is from Guadalajara, Mexico but looks so very Indian, that everybody accepted her into the family fold with open arms. I am glad that she speaks English or else I would have been struggling with Buenos Dias or Hola and Adios!!


Yes, I too have a huge sombrero! Karina was with me for four months and I wanted her to feel at home so I tried to dish out whatever she liked to eat. My son, Pratik is a good cook and he helped me out most of the time. We kept searching for Tortilla flour. Scoured the net for how to procure it here or make it at home. But then Tortilla is made of a special corn flour called masa harina. Masa harina is corn flour that has been treated with calcium hydroxide or “lime” which makes it more nutritious by releasing the niacin in the corn, and easier to digest. We tried the ready-made tortillas too available in the supermarkets but they were not good.

I then made tortillas with basic flour and made Enchiladas with different fillings of chicken, shrimp or cottage cheese (paneer) which she liked. I became an expert at Pancakes too. My son picked up a ready mix for pancakes at the supermarket, but Karina said that she preferred the ones that I made ……well Gracias …let me take a bow 🙂

Thus started my Mexicano cuisine connection! Though I must again say that it can be more Mexindian….. Jajajajaja  (instead of hahaha ). The other day I had quesadillas at a restaurant and felt that I could make them better! (self-praise is ok when nobody else does it, isn’t it??)


Recipe for Quesadillas with Cottage Cheese or Paneer


For the dough

1 cup all purpose flour

½ cup whey (you get it while making paneer or cottage cheese)

2 tbsp skimmed milk yoghurt

Pinch of salt, sugar


Make the dough with all the ingredients and cover with a damp cloth. Keep aside for an hour. Roll out tortillas and roast them on a griddle. Keep aside.


For the filling

100 gms paneer cubed ( Cottage cheese made from skimmed milk)

4 tomatoes blanched and pureed

1 onion chopped fine

Few flakes garlic

Pinch of oregano, thyme

4 fresh basil leaves

2 jalapenos

½ tsp chilli powder

Salt to taste

1 tbsp cream

1 tsp Olive oil

Little chopped cilantro


On a non-stick pan drizzle a little olive oil and toss the paneer cubes till nice and done. Remove from fire and keep aside.

Take a pan and add a few drops of olive oil just to smear the pan. Once hot add the chopped onion, garlic and jalapenos. Sauté till pink, now add the blanched, peeled and pureed tomatoes. Cook the tomatoes till the oil floats on top.Add the tossed paneer cubes and salt, chilli powder, thyme and oregano. Add 1tbsp cream and remove from fire. Add the cilantro. You can make the filling of your choice…minced meat, chicken, bacon or shrimp!

Spray some olive oil on a non-stick griddle. Fill the tortillas with the paneer filling. Serve hot with a white sauce dip or any other of your choice.


Why is a Mojito actually a Mohito, a Jalapeno, Halapeno, Tortilla , Torteeya, Quesadilla is Quesadiya, but an Enchilada is En-chi-lah-dah …..

Are these Quesadillas with Cottage Cheese or Paneer to your liking? Then please leave your footmarks on my page.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. verushka143 says:

    love paneer in anything !


  2. Thats good Verushka..Paneer has myriad uses in many recipes


  3. Kalpana says:

    That looks so delicious!! Well got to pronounce some Mexican too:). Looks like an Indian Kathi roll….except it’s folded and not rolled. Gracias senora :)!


  4. Bienvenido Senora 🙂 Kathi roll is different.The herbs are not used there 🙂


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