Kiddy food-Egg in a Ring

Kiddy food-Egg in a Ring

Cooking for kids is fun and can be educational too. Food for kids needs to be colourful and attractive. Cooking for them in shapes and teaching them about a circle, rectangle, and triangle becomes easy. Children feel very important and happy if they are asked to help in the kitchen. They can hone their motor skills, touch texture, and taste. Just see to it that they are safe and keep them away from sharp knives and the cooking fire.

Kids love pancakes and instead of the regular round shape, you can put the batter in pancake rings of different shapes. I have seen heart-shaped rings and my daughter-in-law has a Hello Kitty ring (She was mad about Hello Kitty at one time)


Eggs are another favourite with kids and when they are fussy and do not eat them, then try making them in different shapes and colours so that they cannot resist them. Here I am sharing a couple of ways I made fried eggs for the kids.

Take a large onion, peel and cut a 1 cm thick ring from the centre. Pour a drop of olive oil on a heated griddle and toss the onion ring in the oil. Once it is done a bit, break an egg in the ring and the fried egg turns out perfectly round. Sprinkle a little salt, pepper and a dot of ketchup and serve.

In the same way, take a large green, red or yellow pepper and cut a ring from it in the same way as the onion and break an egg in it and serve just like the onion ring. Your flower shaped fried egg is ready to serve!!


Today I have posted for kids- Kiddy food-Egg in a Ring…hope you like it.

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  1. Kalpana says:

    Loved the presentation!!:))


  2. manideepa says:



    1. Thanks Manideepa 😍


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