Easy cooking Ideas for Singles #23- How to make Papdi or Indian puff pastry

Easy cooking Ideas for Singles #23- How to make Papdi or Indian puff pastry



Easy cooking Ideas here is how to make Papdi or Indian puff pastry which could be tricky for novice cooks. Reading about all the adulteration and chemicals in junk food, I have decided to make my own snacks. It is very easy to go and buy bags of snacks but do we realize what is going into our tummies! Store-bought fried snacks are fried in saturated oils but at home, we use healthy oils as much as possible. Next time I am going to try baking Papdi rather than frying it.

North India is famous for all kinds of chat, South India it is usually Idly, Dosa or some fritters which are eaten as between-meals snacks. We do not find good chat in the city; hence, I end up making my own. In this post, I am going to share only the recipe for making Papdi and tomorrow how to assemble everything for Papdi chat.

Papdi is made with all-purpose flour and needs only a couple of other ingredients. I have called it Indian puff pastry as it has a flaky texture. One ingredient that needs mention in this recipe is Ajwain or Carom seeds. They are pungent and are used in cooking for their distinctive taste and also they are digestive. Whenever I used to have a tummy ache my mom used to force a spoon of carom seeds down my throat, with a glass of water. And voila, the pain would disappear in a while and I eat it even now when I have been a bad girl and eaten something bad for my tummy. You can add a pinch of salt or black salt to make the taste a little less strong.


Recently I read that Carom seeds could lead to weight loss. I am surely going to try this one… Every morning, about 30 minutes before breakfast, chew on a spoonful of Ajwain or carom seeds. It helps release enough digestive juice to help digest your breakfast and also the previous night’s dinner better. Chewing carom seeds each morning is said to help you lose weight easily.  It is completely natural and devoid of any kind of side effects!


1 cup Maida or flour – 1 cup

Salt to taste

1 teaspoon Carom seeds or ajwain

2 tbsp Oil

½ cup or less -Water

Oil for frying





Sift the flour and add the carom seeds, salt, and two tablespoons oil.  Mix all to get a crumbly texture. Add the water little by little and make hard dough.   Keep it aside for 15 minutes and cover with a napkin. Heat the oil. Make four big balls of the dough and roll then out. Take a cookie cutter or any round lid and cut out circles from the rolled out dough.  Do not forget to prick these roundels with a fork as the papdi should be flat and not puffed up.   Fry these rounds in the hot oil and drain out on a paper towel. I keep munching on one as soon as I take it out. Once the Papdi is cool store it in an air –tight container and eat it just as it is or with a dip.



Do watch this space tomorrow Easy cooking Ideas for Singles #22- Am going to share How to make Papdi chat!






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  1. Kalpana says:

    First the carrot and then the stick policy !! Fried savoury to begin salivating and then a mouthful of carom seeds to help digest the guilt residing in the gut :))) unique combo of a cook cum home remedy expert !!


    1. Hahahaha…what to do? papi pet ka nahi jeebh ka sawaal hai!! The taste buds yearn for it. Anyway, let’s try the carom seeds to lose weight 🙂


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