Easy cooking Idea for Singles # 18 – Trifle Pudding Indian Style


Easy cooking Idea for Singles # 18 – Trifle Pudding Indian Style


I love the traditional Trifle pudding with a cake layer, fruit and custard but we Indians, especially Sardars are known for our jugaad (twisted innovation) We can make do with what we have and concoct our own recipes with the ingredients available.

I had this dinner to arrange on short notice and I had almost finished cooking when I remembered that I had to make dessert. I opened the refrigerator and saw some gulab jamun (sweet balls fried and in syrup).I took them out and wondered how I could use them for a new dessert. My mind was buzzing with ideas while I chopped the gulab jamun and I placed the milk to boil. I went back to the refrigerator and saw some paneer (cottage cheese) which I had left after using it for the Mutter Paneer. I took the paneer out and grated it.

I was giving birth to a new recipe and I felt so good about it. I took a bowl and made a layer with the chopped gulab jamun and pressed it down a bit. The grated paneer I tossed into some sugar syrup. The milk was boiling and I poured the paneer and the sugar syrup into the milk. The milk started thickening and to make it thicker, I added two heaped teaspoons of custard powder.

I poured the hot custard over the layer of gulab jamun and it set instantly. Like a cherry on the top, I placed a gulab jamun and my jugaadu dessert was ready.

Serve it warm in winters or cold in summer, the dessert is surely a winner. As I have given the method already let me list the ingredients for you.



10 gulab jamun chopped

1 liter boiled milk

200 gms grated fresh paneer (cottage cheese)

1 cup sugar-1 cup water- make syrup

2 tbsp custard powder

My Trifle Pudding Indian Style had a soft, melt-in-the-mouth gulab jamun  bottom layer while the top layer of paneer was  rich and grainy, with a whiff of Vanilla flavour from the custard powder.







2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kalpana says:

    That’s a sure shot winner in jugaadu cooking competition !! 🙂 looks yummy too!


  2. Hahaha…thank U Kalpana…..all punjabis are jugaadu :p


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