Bird Sanctuary- Uppalapadu , AP, India

Uppalapadu is a village near Guntur city famous for the Bird Sanctuary. The water ponds in this village are home to many species of birds including few endangered species like the spot-billed pelicans and painted storks. Due to the deforestation, the sanctuary now has lots of man-made trees to provide nests for the birds.The sanctuary is home to many migratory birds like Painted Stork, White Ibis, Heron and Cormorant

I have been there many times but every time I look fascinated at all these birds together flying from far away Siberia and Australia and nesting here. Strange are the ways of nature! The entry road is narrow and once you enter the sanctuary and see the thousands of birds in a small area, you are awestruck.
















2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kalpana says:

    Oh wow that must be beautiful…birds in flight must be like poetry in motion!!


  2. Yes it is Kalpana and everytime I feel so excited to go there.If we had time I would have taken you.Lets do it next time 🙂


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