EasyTips to Pamper your face @ Home

EasyTips to Pamper  your face @ Home

Easy tips to pamper your face at home are free and you can indulge in at any time.God gives us a face when we are born and it is up to us preserve it, but we forget that we are not going to get any replacements. Each one of us is born beautiful and our face is like a beacon or our ticket to the world. Beauty is but skin deep and it’s that skin that you have to pamper and conserve.

Inner Beauty
Khalil Gibran rightly said, “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” If as a person you are optimistic, positive and happy then surely your face will glow from your inner beauty and you do not need to treat it with creams and potions.
Youthful face
When one is young, the face shines with the first flush of youth and at that time one never thinks of ageing and wrinkles. But it is the right time to think of pampering and preserving the skin so that even when you are 50 you have supple skin devoid of wrinkles and pigmentation.

What is your skin type?
There are four types of skin usually- Oily, combination, dry and normal.
Once you determine this it becomes easier to choose what to use on your skin and the kind of treatment that your skin needs. Wash your face and check if it is shiny or dry. Take a tissue and pat it on different areas of the face. The tissue will show you which areas are greasy.
If it is shiny all over then you have oily skin. If only your forehead and nose is shiny (T-zone) then you have combination skin.
If there is no oil residue and tightness then you surely are the lucky one endowed with normal skin.
If your skin is occasionally tight and flaky then you have dry skin.
Identify your skin tone.
Light- it is pale white and freckled
Fair- just white
Medium-fair to light brown
Olive- moderate brown
Brown- wheatish to dark brown
Black- dusky to black
Skin Care
Every woman wants glowing and spotless skin. To achieve this you either are born in a perfect gene pool or you coddle and cosset your skin with the right ingredients. There are 4 ways to Better Skin.

First step to skin care is keeping it clean. Use a cleanser that suits your skin type and wash your face at least 3 to 4 times a day. Avoid using soaps as they have harsh chemicals which are detrimental for your skin. Before going to sleep, remove all traces of makeup with a makeup remover or a cotton ball dipped in fresh milk. Avoid harsh soaps and use a Facewash.I use Pears Face-wash (green) as it is very mild and good for my oily skin.


The dust and pollution in the air along with the smog can clog your pores, so you need to exfoliate with a scrub. We get all sorts of scrubs in the market or you could use sugar granules with a little olive oil to scrub your face clean or sugar with a little yoghurt depending on your skin. Scrub your face with upward strokes for a few minutes and rinse off.


Moisturizing is mandatory for all skin types; but while buying choose according to your skin. It could be oil based for dry skin or water based for oily skin. Do not overdo the moisturizer as you don’t want to clog your pores.


Most women tend to avoid the sunscreen lotion if it is winter or cloudy. The UV rays of the sun are very harmful and can give sunburn, tan or even lead to skin cancer. It is important to have a protective shield against the harmful rays of the sun. The whole skin care routine goes to naught if you do not cultivate this habit of generously smothering your face and other open areas with sunscreen lotion.


Teenagers’ faces usually break out with acne which can be painful and embarrassing. The hormones are over active at this stage and the zits run amok. Although there is no absolute cure for acne it surely can be controlled or prevented.
Cleansing is the most important step and never ever pop your zits. Avoid sharing towels and pillows too.
Drink your mandatory 10 glasses of water to keep your system clean and flush out the toxins from your body.

Fast-food could well be off your plate. If you consume lots of junk food, drink a lot of soda, live on chips and chocolates then you will have to live with the pimples too.

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Greasy, spicy food too should be avoided ditto alcohol too. Eat healthy; fruits and lots of vegetables are very good for your skin.
Young people have naturally healthy skin and do not need to cake it up with make-up. Limit your makeup to the bare minimum and avoid foundations.
Use homemade masks to keep your skin glowing. If your face is radiant then you can turn many more heads and grab attention wherever you go. I usually use Fullers Earth (Multani Mitti) paste made with honey and rose water but as age is catching up, I have started using Egg-white as a tightening mask. Just apply the egg white on the face and place a tissue on it. Put one more layer of the egg white on the tissue and let it dry. In fifteen minutes, it would dry and you can just peel it off easily. While the mask is drying, lie back and relax with either cucumber slices on your eyes or cotton pads dipped in cooling rosewater. Feel the goodness of natural ingredients ripple in waves over you.

Why waste thousands at a parlour when you can get better-looking skin right at home? If you want more home pampering tips like this one, please do leave a note below.



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