Daughters, a Miracle that never cease to be Miraculous

Daughters, a Miracle that never cease to be Miraculous

New folder5One of the bestest gifts I have got in this life, is my daughter, Esha Singh. She is a miracle and amazes me all the time. I keep thanking God for this wonderful miracle he has bestowed on me. I always wanted my daughter to grow up empowered and confident not by, the way she looks but by qualities that make her an intelligent, strong and responsible woman and she has turned out to be all this and more. I really don’t know when the little girl grew up to be my best friend, confidant and even my protector.

I have heard many women, lament that they would like to be born as a man, but I love my feminity and the strength in my fragility. I think we women are much stronger and resilient than men.  My most memorable moment was when my first-born, a son was born and when I was expecting my second, I kept hoping it was a daughter. From the moment she was born to this day, I have never ceased to be amazed by her achievements and I am so very proud of her.New folder6

She has worked hard all her life and now she is collecting all the well-deserved accolades.  A total all-rounder, she was never a topper in her class but was always in the top 5, academically. She was into any and every activity in school; dancing, singing, drama, drawing, debating, fashion shows, fancy dress, you name it and she was participating in them. I always encouraged her to do what she liked and she was a winner every time. When she was in the 7th she realized that my English was better than hers and she asked me to put her in the school I went to so that she could speak like me.I sat her down and spoke to her. I said am here, am your mom, I could teach you if you only reply to me in English. This girl was so determined, that in Class IX she entered a Miss English Contest. The contest was open to all schools in the city and this gritty girl, walked home with the crown on her head.

New folder4

She was her Dad’s little princess and his world revolved around her, but destiny had other plans and he passed away suddenly when she was in tenth grade. The toughest class in life and she was bereft, rudderless,she was inconsolable and in a daze. I forgot all my sorrow as I couldn’t let her crumble. I never worked before, but now I had to, as I had no income. I started going out to work at the age of 40 and it was a really difficult time for me and this little girl quietly started teaching two girls in the family so that she could contribute to the expenses. And guess what, she was the school topper that year. Her teachers and her friends were surprised. She opted to take on arts in her 11 and 12th grades and this was a real shocker for everyone as they thought she should go for medicine or Engineering as she had scored such good marks.  But then she was never one to tread the easy path.

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I was a spoken English trainer and after school hours, she joined me every evening from 4 pm to 8 pm and taught at the academy. I could see the potential talent in her and as we live in a small town, I wanted to send her to a good college in Delhi. I had to face a lot of flak on this decision, but I stood my ground and decided to send her. She went about filling forms in all the colleges and went for interviews alone.  In one of the colleges, she was asked why she should be given a seat, at the cost of a local and she replied that if your local students have a better score then I then grant it to them!! She was taken in by Miranda College, one of the best women’s colleges in the country with a who’s who alumnus. She made the most of her time in the college, lived in a hostel, PG, worked during the summer at Star plus, and an internship to Ukraine through AIESEC. She needed a passport in a week and 50,000/- for her ticket. I knew it was going to be tough for me, but I just wanted her to grow wings and see the world.Finally, I managed everything and sent her on the trip. She was one of the editors of Vox Populi, the College Magazine and played an active role in the debating team. She graduated with flying colors; Political Science Honors. Soon after she applied for a job at PRS Research and landed the job on her own merit. One year at PRS, as assistant research scholar, then another year as Asst Editor at Vayu Magazine (Airforce magazine) both at New Delhi. 3rd year was at Strategic Foresight group, another think tank in Mumbai, again as a Research Analyst. In all these jobs, she was lauded for her work and she changed jobs to climb a rung higher. Mind you, she got the jobs solely because of her accomplishments.

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The next year she told me she was joining CAG and the team would be campaigning for the Prime Ministerial candidate and would live in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. I was a bit skeptical about the job and wasn’t wholeheartedly happy with the idea. But then when I saw her working hard with her team of Go-getter youngsters, I was relieved. The campaign was on full throttle and there she was rubbing shoulders with the top brass of the Political world. After months of hard work the elections were done and Modi became the Prime Minister of the country and I could proudly say that my daughter was one amongst those who put him in the seat. After this she had a couple of other projects and then came the jolt or the bolt; she was moving to Patna, Bihar and would be working on the campaign of Nitish Kumar for Chief Minister. Patna is supposed to be a backward city and I was worried about her safety; I knew she would laugh off my worries, so I bought a pepper spray and a Rod, online and mailed it to her.

12186839_10153247513227916_5558819591975700065_o Engrossed in her work, she barely got time to talk to me. Eating and sleeping was erratic and she was going through a few health issues, but she never gives up. She adapts to all kinds of people, places, and situations. My sweet little girl has grown up to be a tough nut and wields authority very well. After months of trials and tribulations and a very closely fought election, the results were announced today. This morning when the counting started and the news was giving info about the other party leading, my heart sank. I have been praying that Nitish Kumar wins as I didn’t want my daughter to be disappointed, after all that hard work. I saw her online on FB but I didn’t even wish her good morning as I knew she would be tense. I moved away from the TV and my laptop, praying under my breath for a miracle and one of my friends called in a little while to tell me that Nitish was leading and going to win. I left whatever I was doing and seated myself in front of the lappy and congratulated Esha, and she was so happy. My son Pratik was on the other chat window and proud brother that he is, he said he was so happy for her.Once the results were announced, I called her and wished her Happy Diwali, and she asked, “Why Happy Diwali today Ma?” I said,” You are happy, baby, you are having sweets and fireworks are going off, so isn’t it your Diwali today?”  She laughed and said yes!


In the evening, she texted me that she was going to be interviewed on CNN-IBN, and when I saw her on TV, I couldn’t help but shed tears of joy. My friends and family too saw her and the messages of appreciation are pouring in as I write.Esha Singh Alagh, mom is so proud of you, let the world be your oyster and may you light up the sky like a million stars.


PS: She will be home in 48 hours and hopefully on a long break.Happy days!!

Link to her interview on CNN-IBN last night http://m.ibnlive.com/videos/politics/target-was-to-secure-190-200-seats-for-jdu-nitishs-campaign-team-1162274.html


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  1. Nkechi says:

    Hello Harjeet,
    I love this beautiful blog post dedicated to your daughter! I wish her well, and I wish you all the best!
    Have a wonderful day,


    1. Thank u so much for the wishes.They are very precious.
      Bless u too Nkechi and keep smiling 🙂


  2. indira says:

    Happy mother…u richly deserve those tears of happiness…cheers to u n esha…the path-breakers of the family. Kudos kudos kudos! Keep the happy tears flowing…love u all!


    1. Thank u so much akka.Your wishes mean the world to me…Love u too 🙂


  3. Kalpana says:

    I have goosebumps reading it!! The story of little Esha growing up to be the gutsy woman who has chosen a field of work most would not even dream of….the rough and tumble of Indian political campaigns. And the voice of a proud mother! Hats of to you Harjeet! You and Esha deserve accolades galore!!


  4. Thank you Kalpana….just did what any mom would do…..gave them wings 🙂
    (She reminds me so much of myself)


  5. verushka143 says:

    Such a beautiful post.I too share a special bond with my mum.We have gotten closer since my dad passed away x


  6. Thank u Verushka….Nice to know that u r close to ur mom…I regret that…my mom was quite old and my dad was my super hero


  7. howiadult87 says:

    Hi Harjeet! Wonderful post, I have nominated you, for a Liebster Award! 🙂 You can check out my post here: https://howiadultblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/10/when-the-interviewer-becomes-the-interviewee-d/


    1. Thank u for the nomination 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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