Easy Cooking Ideas for singles# 14- MASALA GUR-MOLASSES OR JAGGERY CANDY

Masala Gur Chikki-Molasses or Jaggery Candy


 Easy Cooking Ideas for singles is becoming a learning experience for me as well and I am enjoying sharing all my crazy recipes with you all.  Every day is not Sunday and we cannot afford to indulge our sweet tooth every day so Jaggery candy is the next best healthy alternative.After every meal, we feel like finishing with something sweet and this jaggery candy is neither fattening nor is it anyway harmful for our health. Gur or jaggery was eaten after every meal  in India since the good old days. This may sound strange but it is true and it has sufficient scientific explanation behind this. In India, it is recommended to take a few grams of jaggery after a heavy meal of after eating meat. This facilitates digestion. What happens is that jaggery activates the digestive enzymes and itself changes to acetic acid in the stomach. This speeds up digestion.In some cases, jaggery is less likely to give you acidity when compared to sugar. There is no good explanation for this, but this is seen often. Even doctors suggest switching over to jaggery when somebody is having acidity due to sugar.So, what are you thinking? No! It is not late yet. You can still catch on the jaggery coach from today. Just make this Masala Candy, add it to your meal and feel the sweetness sweep over you.We call it Chikki in India and it is eaten more during the winters.


1 tbsp of Ghee or Clarified butter

500gms Gur (molasses or jaggery)

50gms ajwain (caraway seeds)

100 gms til (sesame seeds)

100gms Badam (almonds) crushed

100gms Kaju (cashew nuts) crushed

12 cup water


heat the ghee in a wok and add  crushed gur or jaggery and when it has dissolved completely add the ajwain, til, Badam and Cashew.When it thickens pour it into a greased plate and chop into diamond shaped pieces when it is semi set.


Store in an airtight container and eat a chunk after every meal !!!


We  can make a harder and crisper Chikki with Jaggery just a change of ingredients.

Heat the ghee, in a wok, add the jaggery and heat till it boils, then add the water and boil further till it becomes thick, then add the caraway seeds(optional)and roasted bengal gram dal or lentil (chana dal)s and mix till the mixture coats the spoon and pour onto a greased plate( you can grease foil and pour on it too). With a greased bowl level and spread the mixture thinly to set.Once semi set cut it into squares.You can use roasted peanuts instead of the roasted lentils for another variation.



Bite into a chunk of this Candy after every meal without any guilt.With this easy cooking idea, you can eat sweet and stay sweet.

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  1. verushka143 says:

    I often see Jaggery in shops so I decided to buy a chunk of it.Not used it but thank you for the recipe I will be experimenting soon.x


  2. Your most welcome Verushka.Do try it and share your creation.But there are different kinds of jaggery and all don’t turn out well.So please check.


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