Grilled Baby Corn

                                                                                              High on Taste Low on Calories


Grilled Baby corn is an easy cooking idea for singles. I know it is a recipe post but I would like to share a few pointers on life too as our diet is almost always connected to our physical and spiritual well-being.

I worked very hard to change my lifestyle once I had to live alone. I eat at home most of the time as I do not like dining out alone or take-aways. I want to be able to have a healthy body (two spine surgeries). Even though I’m not even close to being satisfied, every day I push myself more to reach my goal. I know I need patience and dedication to finally get there. I am currently learning the physiological value our foods have. Treating food as the fuel that makes your body run will motivate you to make smarter and healthier choices. It’s truly amazing how we poison our bodies for immediate mental gratification without contemplating the long-term effects of what we allow to pass our lips will have on our bodies!! Most diseases can be linked to the junk we eat & drink!

Cooking for me has been a boon in a way. I steer clear of heavy oily, spicy cooking and eat more of salads, veggies, soups and roasted corn or peanuts and even homemade Pani Puri. Anything that cooks fast and easy-peasy recipes land on my plate. The other day while grocery shopping at the supermarket, I chanced upon packets of baby corn. Another lady was piling up her basket with them and I was thinking, there go some fried snacks for the family. I moved ahead as I did not intend to buy baby corn, deep fry them and consume all those extra calories.

But then my mouth started drooling and I gave in to my craving and bought a packet of baby corn. It lay in the fridge as I kept avoiding, eating fried food in this sweltering weather. Last night there was nothing else to have for dinner and I took out the baby corn and went ahead to concoct my own recipe of grilled schezwan baby corn; it was awesome!

So here goes my recipe for really hot and spicy Grilled baby corn



200 gms baby corn

1 onion diced finely

10 cloves garlic crushed

Cabbage diced finely

2 green chillies

1 bunch spring onion

4 tbsp schezwan sauce

Mixed herbs( oregano, basil, thyme)

Chilli flakes

2 tsp olive oil

Few drops of Vinegar

Salt to taste.



Chop the baby corns into two or three pieces, wash and blanch them. In a bowl marinate the baby corn with half the crushed garlic, vinegar, mixed herbs, chilli flakes and salt to taste.

Preheat the oven for 5 minutes. Line the grilling tray with foil and place the corn on it. Drizzle one tsp olive oil on the marinated corn and bake in the oven for ten minutes.

Toss the chopped cabbage in the same bowl that you marinated the corn.

Meanwhile, in a pan, heat the remaining olive oil, add the crushed garlic and minced onion and sauté lightly adding the herbs and chilli flakes and 2 tbsp of schezwan sauce. Add the grilled baby corn and toss well. Add spring onions (I didn’t have any)

Take a serving plate, pile the baby corn and place the cabbage on one side. Dig in!


Isn’t this a really yummy and easy cooking idea for singles or for a huge family for that matter?



6 Comments Add yours

  1. verushka143 says:

    That looks so yummy.I love you recipes all simple and easy to follow. It is ultimately about leading a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of our life.


    1. Thank u Verushka. It wasn’t easy to cook for single after cooking huge meals all my life.Yes, ultimately it boils down to simple living high thinking.


  2. This looks incredible. I have never seen baby corn outside of stir fry, and it’s my favorite part of the stir fry! I might have to try this!


    1. Thank u, Melissa, here it is either stir fried or deep fried. I like the crunchy baby corn and needed a healthy alternative and I just experimented and it turned out gr8.


  3. Kalpana says:

    This is so good to look at and must be yummilicious to eat….healthy to beat!!!wow a miracle…you really have the knack of dishing out food that is so easy to make! Another must try in my book:))


  4. Thank you Kalpana 🙂 I keep making my own recipes and I have to keep counting calories so I end up with easy low cal recipes.


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