Easy Cooking Ideas For Singles #9- Grilled Sandwiches

Easy Cooking Ideas For Singles #15- Grilled Sandwiches


Woke up late this morning and tumbled out of bed in a heap and almost fell and the thought of an easy cooking idea for singles, struck me right then. Later, I had a calming session of Yoga (can’t hurry through yoga now, can I?).  Had my two glasses of warm water and was contemplating what to have for breakfast. I found half a cucumber in the fridge and wondered what to do with it. My mom used to say, eating Cucumber at breakfast, cucumber is a diamond, lunch time it is just a cucumber and dinner time it is like an insect! Cucumber is not easily digestible at night and could give you uneasy burps.  I decided to make sandwiches and I prefer grilled ones to raw.

I chopped the cucumber and tomato and decided to add fresh, thick yoghurt to it rather than butter, mayo and cream as they just pile on the calories. I am lactose intolerant and thankfully, I can have yoghurt. Most Indian homes use yoghurt in all meals. In north India, a huge glass of Lassi (a sweetened yoghurt smoothie) and a bowl of yoghurt with Parantha, at breakfast is the norm and in South India, lunch is incomplete without buttermilk as it is the best way to beat the heat. South Indians finish every meal with curd rice because of its cooling nature and it helps in digesting the food too.


We Indians rarely buy yoghurt off the counter.  It has become a fad to pick up flavoured yoghurt from supermarket shelves but that does have some preservative and has added sugar. We set it at home with Buffalo milk or Cow milk. In fact, it is a daily ritual in millions of homes every night. Warm milk and pour in a ceramic cup or bowl. If you do not have any started then add one whole red chilly to the milk. Cover it and keep it aside till morning. When you wake up, you have a fresh bowl of curds. Remove the chilly and use as you want to. I like my yoghurt fresh and creamy but not sour. This fresh yoghurt is good for the sandwich or any dip too. As a kid, I used to add salted biscuits and sugar to my bowl of curd (crazy things kids do).






Grilled Sandwiches


½ Cucumbers,

1 small tomato diced finely

1 small cup of hung yoghurt

Wheat Bread 4 slices

Pinch of Black pepper powder

1 tsp chilli sauce (optional)

Salt to taste


Take the diced cucumber and tomato in a bowl; add hung yoghurt, salt, pepper and chilli sauce and mix well. Spread over the bread slice and grill in the sandwich maker on direct flame on the hob.I like my sandwiches crisp and instead of the electric sandwich maker.We never could afford the electric one when I was young and my mom used the manual one and even I prefer it even now, although I do have electric ones.  Just turn the sandwich maker once and your sandwich is done in a minute. Cut the sandwich in the middle if you like to and see the filling oozing out its goodness. Healthy and tasty sandwiches to set you right for the approaching day ahead.


If you have any easy cooking ideas for singles, please share them below.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. verushka143 says:

    I love Mango Lassi ! Interesting sandwich filling x I like your grilling iron


    1. Thank you Verushka 🙂 mango lassi is yummy but piles on the calories. Even banana is very good.My mexican daughter-in-law likes any lassi 🙂 The grilling iron is easily available here and its so handy.


  2. Kalpana says:

    Using yogurt instead of mayo,etc is a great idea…. Should try it. The final dish belies its calorie content….looks like yummy gooey cheese :))!!


  3. Thanks Kalpana…do try it…it is really tasty and healthy.Just see the curd is fresh. Am glad you like it, please try and let me know the outcome 🙂


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