Quick recap of the last few days

Hello everybody.

Following my blogs all these days? I am enjoying writing them coz challenges always egg me on.

I wrote travelogues, tips to travel, easy recipes for singles.

Which one was your favorite and why? Do let me know and which kind of posts do you expect from me.

Here is a quick recap of all that I covered in these past eight days.

The first one was a travelogue on London. I enjoyed my trip and hope you all too enjoy the experience.I was so excited as it was my first trip abroad.


I regretted not planning or reading about visiting London. Trip was good no doubt but it could have been beter.


The travelogue on Barcelona was never ending, like my love for the city. Anybody would fall in love with it.


Tips to Barcelona are a must for every first-time visitor. I regret not going through any. If you haven’t read them please do if you are going to visit.


I cheated here. I knew my travelogue on Paris would be a lengthy one and as I was rushed for time, I posted tips to visit Paris. Tips are important before visiting any place. One should do your homework before setting out. It makes it easier to visit and enjoy the place without losing out on any important ones.


Being a veteran single, I have started following a very healthy diet with easy recipes in the bargain. I thought I should share these experiences with everyone and that how the following posts were thought of. A veg rice pulao is a complete meal in itself and very easy to make. Try it and share your version below.


Breakfast should always be healthy and what could be healthier than bread with cucumber and tomato. Everyone has their own variation of sandwich that’s why I shared mine.


Carrying on the easy cooking ideas series, I made Upma, which is a south Indian breakfast, but my mom introduced it in our diets and we all relished it unanimously.


If you like my posts then stay tuned by pressing the subscribe button below. Stay healthy.Ciao.

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