Easy Cooking ideas For Singles # 2 Cucumber sandwich

     Easy- Peasy Sandwich and green tea


Easy cooking ideas for singles #2

I woke up late this morning and was feeling oh so sluggish (Just one of those days). I yawned and stretched for a few minutes….my old bones were creaking melodiously. Dragged myself out of bed, brushed my teeth for a full 3 minutes( that’s what my teacher in school taught me )  and set out to do my yoga. I am sure you haven’t seen lazy yoga….but that’s what I did….dragged my way through the asanas, lingering for a longer time on Shava Asana: p.

I wished there was a wand I could wave and my breakfast was placed before me. Wishful thinking! After the rice pulao, I needed to Detox a bit and wanted a light breakfast. I never skip breakfast as I follow the golden rule of Breakfast like a king…… I had some brown bread and decided to make a quick sandwich with cucumber and tomato slices. Cucumber is said to be a super food and a pick me up which I really needed and Tomatoes too are loaded with health benefits.

My breakfast was ready in 5 minutes. I sliced the cucumber and tomato, chomping on the edge slices. Laid the slices and heaped the cucumber and tomato slices on them. Sprinkled a little salt and pepper and my breakfast was ready to gobble. Being lactose intolerant, I cannot have cereal or Chai and so I make do with a mug of green tea with a dash of fresh mint in it.I love the wafting aroma of mint in my green tea.


I sat myself on the bay window  with the sun rays streaming onto my plate and polished off my plate in a few minutes and I was ready to face the day. I know this cooking idea for singles was far too easy, but every day is not going to be the same.


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  1. verushka143 says:

    A simple meal is sometimes all we need. Not a fan of green tea maybe the mint might change my mind x


    1. Thank you Verushka….true that…simple and basic….the mint will surely change your mind 🙂 try it


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